• Amazon Adds Voice To Alexa iOS Mobile App
    Amazon has finally added voice control to the Alexa app for iOS devices. The capability has been on Android phones for some time.
  • Microsoft Drops Plans To Add VR To Xbox
    Microsoft has decided not to add virtual reality to the Xbox, preferring to leave it as a TV-focused experience. Microsoft has said the VR market has grown more slowly than many imagined.
  • Walmart Readies Cashier-Less Store
    To keep pace with Amazon and its cashier-less approach to store checkout, Walmart’s Sam’s Club is working on a technology-drive store concept.
  • VR Helps People Remember: University Study
    After presenting information both with and without virtual reality researchers found that those using VR had better recall. The study, at the university of Maryland, involved 40 test subjects.
  • Walmart Launches Smart Grocery Store In China
    Walmart launched a small-format supermarket in China, a store that carries 8,000 items with a high-tech system that allows associates to precisely locate products and fulfil online orders, enabling home deliver in under 30 minutes.
  • Amazon Taps Artificial Intelligence To Forecast Demand
    Amazon is increasingly turning to automated technology to manage its massive supply chain. The online retail giant started automating retail team jobs several year ago, using mahcines to forecast demand.
  • Amazon Starts Shipping AI Camera For Developers
    Amazon is now shipping its $249 DeepLens camera for developers to build vision-centric machine learning models. Pre-orders for the product started in November.
  • Microsoft Working To Challenge Amazon's Checkout-Free Retail: Report
    In a challenge to Amazon, Microsoft is reportedly working on technology to eliminate cashiers and checkout lines at stores. The system would track what shoppers put in their carts.
  • Samsung Launches Fund For Early Stage AI Startups
    Samsung is introducing a new venture fund to finance early stage artificial intelligence startups. The Q Fund is aimed at working exclusive with startups creating AI software and services.
  • Driverless Vehicle Created To Deliver Things
    Rather than working on a driverless vehicle to carry passengers, a company named Nuro is creating a vehicle to carry things. The vehicle is being tested in California.
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