• 10,000 Jobs Could Be Lost To Robots: Citi
    The head of U.S. bank Citi said that half of its 20,000 technical and operations staff could be replaced in the next five years due to automation and robots. The staff accounts for more than 40% of the bank’s total employees.
  • Facebook Denies Building Eye-Tracking Software
    Facebook holds patents for detecting eye movements but said it is not currently creating eye-tracking software. One of the potential uses would be for adding security to Oculus virtual reality headsets, which Facebook owns.
  • MIT Researchers Develop Anti-Hacking Transmitter For IoT Devices
    Researchers at MIT have created a transmitter to stop attacks on Internet of Things devices. The paper is being presented at an IEEE event.
  • 2 Chicago Locations Selected For Amazon Go Stores
    Amazon appears to have selected two Chicago locations for its cashier-less Amazon Go stores. One of the online giant’s new locations is in Chicago’s tallest building.
  • Larry Page's Flying Car Open For Test Flights
    The flying car backed by Google cofounder Larry Page is getting closer to taking off. On Wednesday, the startup Kitty Hawk showed its latest update and announced it is now open for test flights.
  • Amazon Stops Sales Of Connected Toy
    Following Walmart and Target, Amazon has stopped selling the internet-connected toy CloudPets. This follows privacy concerns flagged by a browser maker.
  • Customers Have Concerns With Chatbots
    Most consumers say customer service is frustrating due to long wait and hold times. Many like the idea of email and messenger chatbots when they get it right.
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