• Robots Tapped For Last-Mile Deliveries
    There are plenty of uses of robots, from factory automation to manufacturing. Starship Technologies sees another major use for small, roaming robots, and that’s for last-mile deliveries. The company comes from co-founders of Skype. 
  • Amazon Bets Big On AI In India
    Machine learning and artificial intelligence is expanding everywhere. Amazon is using both to boost its market share in India.
  • Amazon's Alexa Calling, Messaging Expands To Europe
    Amazon continues on its global march. The commerce behemoth is adding its Alexa calling and messaging feature to Europe, starting in Germany and the United Kingdom.  
  • YouTube Pulled From Amazon's Echo Show Device
    There is a bit of rumbling among the big guys. Amazon just decided to pull Google’s YouTube from its Echo Show devices. Waiting to see if another show drops or if this spat goes away.
  • Robot Proposed To Replace Buddhist Priest For Funeral Services
    Companies continue to find new uses for a new crop of robots. The latest on display recently is a robot that can provide services, creating a low-cost funeral.
  • Comcast Acquires IoT Startup
     Startups focused on the Internet of Things continue to be acquired. The latest is Stringify, a connecgted home platform being absorbed by Comcast.
  • Intel Ditching Standalone VR Headset, Says Report
    The virtual reality headset market can be tough, as it waits for consumer demand to catch up. Intel seems to have felt that pain and is now reported to be ditching development of its Project Allow standalone VR headset.
  • AR Headset Maker Raises $2.5 Million
    Augmented reality headsets, a relatively new market segment, just got a boost. Mira Labs just received another $1 million in funding, bringing its cash raised to date to $2.5 million.
  • Bees Join The Internet Of Things
    Even bees are joining the Internet of Things. Researchers in the U.K. are putting tiny backpacks on bees so their behavior can be tracked. The so-called backpacks are really RFID chips that can be tracked.
  • Baidu Launches $1.5 Billion Fund For Self-Driving Car Startups
     If nothing else around self-driving cars, there is funding. Chinese powerhouse Baidu just announced its launching a $1.5 billion fund to support self-driving car startups.
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