• KidKraft Toy Kitchen Taps Alexa Voice
    The KidKraft new toy kitchen can tap into an Amazon Alexa smart speaker to instruct children on how to ‘cook’ things, such as fake hot dogs.
  • Tesco Intros Cashless Store
    Tesco has opened its first cashless store in central London. A range of electronic payment methods are offered through self-service outlets.
  • Amazon Trials Smart Chatbots For Customer Service
    Amazon has started testing two neural-network-based automated customer service systems, with one for common customer service requests and the other to help customer service agents.
  • Nest Cameras Down For 17 Hours
    Nest cameras experienced a 17-hour outage due to a scheduled storage server software update the did not go as intended, according to parent company Google.
  • Facebook Acquires VR Game Studio
    Facebook has acquired Asgard’s Wrath developer Bay Area VR studio Sanzaru Games, a popular game for Oculus Rift.
  • Bird Scooters Linked To Local Businesses
    Bird is allowing California riders of its scooters to buy items from local businesses through Bird Pay, a new feature in the mobile app.
  • U.K. Businesses Lack Confidence In Launching 5G
    While 15% of U.K businesses are currently investing in 5G, fewer than half (44%) of businesses are confident they can successfully implement 5G-based Internet of Things.
  • Snapchat Adds AR Lenses To 'Replace' Land
    Snapchat is adding two ground replacement Lenses, enabling users to swap solid pavement for lava or reflective water.
  • Wyze Creating Alexa-Powered Wearable
    Wyze is working to create the Wyze Band, a wrist-worn wearable intended to let users control  Amazon’s Alexa devices.
  • Samsung Confirms Coronavirus Case At Phone Factory
    Samsung Electronics confirmed that one coronavirus case was confirmed at its mobile device factory complex in the southeastern city of Gumi, causing the shutdown of the facility for a few days.
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