• Car Sales Via Vending Machine Coming By Year End
    Sales made from mobile phones can take all forms. Now ecommerce giant Alibaba wants to make buying a car as easy as purchasing a soda from a vending machine. The plan is to have the car-buying vending machine in place by the end of the year.
  • Google Home Adds Spotify Service
    Google keeps pushing its smart home device forward. Now Google Home now supports Spotify, which Amazon’s Echo does not yet offer. The Google Home feature works just like Google Play Music Free on the device.
  • Amazon Develops AI Fashion Designer
    Machine learning is coming to the world of fashion. Amazon has developed technology that learns about certain fashion styles by viewing images, from which is creates similar styles automatically.
  • Samsung Adds More AI, Voice Recognition To Products
    Voice recognition and artificial intelligence are being added to more products from Samsung Electronics. New capabilities include upgraded voice recognition in its TV systems and the ability to interact with a refrigerator by voice.
  • Walmart Seeks Patent For Floating Warehouse For Drone Deliveries
    Product deliveries of the future may involve more travel for the products themselves. Walmart is seeking a patent for a floating warehouse that could use drones for package deliveries.
  • Oculus Files For AR Glasses Patent
    Augmented reality innovation continues, with Oculus filing a patent for wearables AR glasses. The Facebook-owned company has been bullish on the future of augmented reality for some time.
  • QVC Adds VR For TV-Mobile Shopping
    Virtual reality is being added for shoppers at QVC. The retailer is set to offer a TV-mobile-AR shopping experience using the YouCam Makeup app. Shoppers will be able to select items and color options.
  • Intel Plans To Test Self-Driving Fleet
    Chipmaker Intel is moving into the autonomous car business. Following its acquisition of Mobileye, Intel plans to build a fleet of self-driving vehicles for testing in the U.S., Europe and Israel.
  • Facial Recognition Takes Off In China
    Facial recognition is becoming part of daily life in China. People can be allowed access to buildings and even buy transportation tickets by a scan of their face.
  • BlackBerry Moving To Wearables
    Former phone heavyweight BlackBerry is moving into wearables. The company is licensing its software to Vuzix, which will be using it for its smartglasses.
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