• New Schlage Deadbolt Can Be Unlocked From Anywhere
    A major lock maker has joined the world of connected products. A new lock from Schlage will allow an owner with an Android phone to unlock the door from anywhere in the world.
  • Saks To Tap Augmented Reality In New Salon
    A Saks Fifth Avenue store in New York will be the first to open a new high-tech salon featuring iPads for checking in and augmented reality for customers to try on products.
  • More Guidelines Issued For Self-Driving Cars
     New cybersecurity guidelines for smart cars in the U.K. have been issued by the government. As self-driving cars proliferate, the government is looking to provide directions around issues such as personal data and remotely controlling vehicles.
  • LG Launching IoT-Enabled Home Appliances
    LG plans to roll out more IoT technology. The South Korean electronics maker is speaking with mobile network operators in India to extends its reach into that market.
  • Online Furniture Retailer Extends AR Reach
    Wayfair, the online furniture retailer, is enhancing its shopping app via integration of its augmented reality with a new smartphone just released. Shoppers can use the AR tech to see what a piece of furniture might look like in their home.
  • Tesla Working On Self-Driving Truck, Says Report
    Tesla is working on an electric, self-driving truck, according to a report in Reuters. The idea is that the autonomous vehicles would follow a lead vehicle.
  • Cadillac 'Autopilot' Ready For Expressways
    Major carmakers have been looking at the idea of self-driving cars for some time. Cadillac now has a model that features an autonomous driving mode once the car is on an expressway.
  • In-Aisle Robots To Check Product Positioning On Shelves
    Robots are going to be moving up and down the aisles of stores. A pilot program for using robots to check product positioning on store shelves is kicking off at Schnuck Markets in the St. Louis metro area.  
  • GM Autonomous Car Company Tests Service With Employees
    The General Motors autonomous driving company Cruise is now moving people aroud via its self-driving cars. The startup is hauling employees around San Francisco, but the car still has a backup driver in case of emergency.
  • Challenges Found In Sensors On Automous Cars
    Autonomous driving technology has quite a task ahead of it. Researchers have identified a potential blind spot regarding sensors, as image recognition software misidentified a decal of bicycle riders on a car as actual cyclists.
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