• Free Test Rides In Driverless Shuttles Being Offered
    Metro Vancouver residents are about to get a chance to ride in driverless vehicles at least for short rides as part of a smart city challenge.
  • AR, VR Considered For Lyft Passengers
    Ride-sharing company Lyft has filed patents for providing virtual and augmented reality experiences for passengers in the in the back seat.
  • Microsoft Promotes AI Agent Cortana For Other Smart Speakers
    A smart speaker of its own may not be in the cards for Microsoft, as the company’s CTO says its AI assistant Cortana can find other ways to success.
  • Amazon Alexa Temporary Outage Reported
    There was a temporary outage pf Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa around the world, according to an outage tracking service.
  • Square Intros SDK For In-App Payments
    Square, the mobile payments company, has introduced a way for developers and sellers to use the payment platform for online, mobile and in-store.
  • Smart Suitcase Maker Raises $10 Million
    A German luggage maker has raised $10 million to launch a digital travel assistant in line with its smart suitcase.
  • Pokemon Go Creator Raises $190 Million
     Niantic, the gaming startup noted for creating the augmented reality app Pokémon Go, just raised $190 million in funding.
  • Facebook Launches AR Filter For John Legend Song
    To allow someone to sing along to a John Legend song, Facebook has launched an augmented reality filter that turns a face into that of a feathered hero.
  • Smart Wall Outlet Taps AI To Save Energy
    A California startup is working on creating smart home devices with artificial intelligence with the goal of reducing energy consumption.
  • Sony Increases Output Of Next-Generation 3D Sensors
    Sony is upping its production of advanced 3D sensors for customers including Apple. The chips can power 3D smartphone cameras.
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