• Maurice Levy Warns IoT Could Make Brands Irrelevant
    The Internet of Things could make brands irrelevant, according to Maurice Levy, former CEO of Publicis Groupe. Levy made his comments at the Mobile World Congress, suggesting that brands must master new technology.
  • Samsung's Smart Speaker Bixby Delayed
    Smart speakers continued to be brought into homes, but one is still absent. Samsung’s long-awaited Bixby speaker is now delayed to the second half of this year.
  • Robot Meets With Shoppers At Mall Of America
    The Mall of America is experimenting with robots interacting with shoppers. The humanoid robot Pepper has been posing for selfies and quizzing visitors on sports trivia.
  • Samsung, Vodafone Partner For Smart Home Products
    Vodafone is partnering with Samsung, so the telco can offer a range of smart home products and services. The new venture is called V-Home by Vodafone.
  • $1,300 Smart AR Glasses Set To Launch This Year
    Smart augmented reality glasses have been in the planning stages for some time and now one company is bringing them to market. The Vuzix Bade glasses were shown at Mobile World Commerce this week and are set to launch this year for about $1,300.
  • Amazon Working On Its Own AI Chips, Says Report
    Amazon is reported to be working on developing its own custom chips, which would be designed specifically for tasks using artificial intelligence.
  • Human Touch Recommended Over AI-Based Customer Services
    The CEO of Deutsche Telecom has suggested some company may be using too many artificial intelligence customer relation services. He suggested more personal services should be added.  
  • Oculus Teases VR News Ahead Of Facebook Event
    There are some interesting news relating to virtual and augmented realty coming down the road. That according to the head of Oculus, the Facebook-owned VR company.
  • Vodafone Looks To Track Drones With IoT Technology
    Vodafone is using Internet of Things technology in an attempt to track drones, especially those near aircraft. Since drones are too small to be tracked by radar, Vodafone is looking to monitor them a different way.
  • Verizon Takes Lead In Apple Watch Sales
    Consumers are buying Apple smartwatches from mobile carriers and Verizon leads all others in those sales. More than a third of Apple watches were sold through the four major wireless carriers during the fourth quarter.
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