• Ericsson Launches IoT Accelerator Marketplace
    Among other things coming at the Mobile Word Commerce next week, Ericsson will be launching the IoT Accelerator Marketplace aimed at collaboration for service providers and developers.
  • VR Startup For Broadcasters Raises Another $10 Million
    A virtual reality company that focuses on streaming experiences just raised almost $10 million, brining its total raised past $23 million. The experiences created are for broadcasters, including Sky and Fox Sports.
  • Nokia Betting On Smart Cities
    After announcing a strategic review of its wearables business, Nokia is starting a move forward to smart cities. The new initiative involves creating sensors as a service.
  • Google Taps AI To Predict Heart Disease By Eye Scan
    Artificial intelligence is being tapped in yet another new way, this time by Google looking at a way to assess and predict a person’s health risks, all based on an eye scan.
  • AR Feature Recognizes Famous Landmarks
    While new augmented reality platforms come to market form major tech companies, one startup launched its own AR engine, with the ability to recognize landmarks.
  • Amazon Alexa Added To Toys, Games
    Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa is being added to more toys and games. The voice assistant essentially acts as a guide through some coming games.
  • Uber's Plan For Ride-Sharing In The Air
    Autonomous vehicles have been in test mode in various markets around the world and now Uber is looking at taking ride-sharing into the air. The concept of Uber air travel is to travel no more than 60 miles at a time.
  • Virtual Reality Featured In New Movie Trailer
    A new movie highlighting a world of virtual reality is scheduled for a March release and now Warner Bros. has out put a new trailer for the Steven Spielberg production.
  • Starbucks Tech Leader Adam Brotman Leaves For J. Crew
    The Starbucks executive who moved Starbucks into a tech leader is leaving the company to join J. Crew, where he will be president and chief experience officer.
  • AR Added To App For BBC Series
    The BBC is adding augmented reality to its app in advance of an upcoming series, so viewers can get a different look at artworks, artifacts and architecture shown in the program.
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