• Volvo, Audi, Daimler Adopt Smart Speakers
    Smart speakers continue to expand in uses and now Volvo, Audi and Daimler are adopting them to connect to their cars. The carmakers are going with Tmall Genie from Alibaba.
  • Amazon Adds Package Location Tracking For Customers
    Amazon has launched a feature called Amazon Map Tracking to provide information on where a driver is as a package is on the way. The feature also can show how many stops have to be made before the package is delivered.
  • Robots Greet Customers At Personless Bank Branch
    Robots are popping up in many places, and now they have become the greeters at a bank in what is believed to be the first branch run entirely by robots.
  • Amazon Planning For Home Robots, Says Report
    Amazon is working on creating robots for the home, according to a report in Bloomberg, which says the company expects to start deploying some into the homes of employees later this year.
  • Ford Plans For Self-Driving Car Network In 3 Years
    Ford has been working on autonomous vehicles for some time and now plans to have a self-driving car network up and running in three years.
  • Alibaba Buys Chipmaker To Boost IoT Business
    With future computer chips playing an important role in the growth of the Internet of Things, Chinese powerhouse Alibaba announced it has acquired a Chinese microchip maker to add to its IoT business.
  • Google Extends Chrome Support For Oculus Rift VR Headset
    Google appears to be more closely linking its Chrome browser to Facebook’s Oculus Rift virtual reality. The browser now works natively with the VR headset.
  • Machines To Learn Without Being Programmed
    Machine learning is moving along. One of the key areas being explored is image recognition, so that people could be recognized as they entered an area, such as an airport lounge.
  • Apple Watch Face May Open For More Options
    So far, Apple has not allowed developers the ability to create their own watch faces for the device. That situation may be changing, according to a published report.
  • Apple Offers Free Repairs For Expanded Smartwatch Batteries
    Batteries on some Apple Watches have become swollen, which can prevent the watch from powering on, according to a report in MacRumors. Apple plans to service such watches at no charge.
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