• Domino's Adding Pizza Delivery By Robot
    After ordering a pizza, some customers won't have to be looking out the window waiting for the pizza delivery car. Domino's says its going to use robots on the streets to deliver pizza to consumers in the Netherlands and Germany. Domino's already tested delivering pizzas by drone.
  • Artificial Intelligence Used To Customize eBay Web Pages
    A major online retailer is using artificial intelligence to customize Web pages for consumers. Shoppers see different homepages based on what they have bought. Using AI, eBay shows individuals what it believes would interest a shppper based on their behavior.
  • Casio Launches New Smartwatch
    Not to be left out, Casio is introducing its own smartwatch, this one boasting very precise time. The watch uses a combination of radio waves and GPS and other systems to show accurate time anywhere in the world at any time. Like other connected timepieces, this one also connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Apple Augmented Reality Likely To Start Via Phone
    Augmented Reality has been around for some time and now it appears Apple will be getting into the game. Reports are now starting to come out suggesting that Apple AR will come via the phone rather than from a headset or through a pair of glasses.
  • Tesla Autopilot Car Slowly Hits Police Motorcycle
    It wasn't serious, but a Tesla Model X reported to be running in autopilot mode last week struck a Phonie police motorcycle. The car struck the motorcycle after the policeman had jumped off on seeing the Tesla moving slowly ahead.
  • Movado Launches Its Own Smartwatch
    Watchmaker Movado introduced its new smartwatch via Android Wear onlyl a few weeks after sayig it was moving the brand into the category of smartwatches. The different faces of the watch closely resemble the brand's iconic single dot design.
  • Apple Watch Adds Siri Support
    As part of a software update, the Apple Watch just added some new features. Theater Mode, for one, “is designed to let Apple Watch owners mute the sound on their device and disable Raise to Wake, preventing the screen from lighting up with arm movement,” MacRumors reports. “The update also brings Siri Kit to the Apple Watch, letting users ask Siri to do things like send messages, send payments, book a ride, log a workout, make a call, or search through photos.”  
  • Apple Patent Shows Phone Device Powering A PC
    In yet another patent filing, Apple has designs for a new device that could convert an iPhone into a new version of a MacBook. The hone would be attached or inserted and essentiallly become the brains of a MacBook-type dumb terminal.
  • Amazon Looks At Selling Furniture In Stores, Says Report
    First Amazon sold books online. Then it added everything else. Most recently, Amazon started selling books in brick and mortar stores. Now a report suggests that the commerce giant is looking at the potential of selling appliances and furniture, by using technology in the stores, of course.
  • Swatch Challenges Apple, Google With Its Own Watch Operating System
    A major watchmaker has decided to go it alone when it comes to an operating system for watches. As Bloomberg reports: "Swatch Group AG said it’s developing an alternative to the iOS and Android operating systems for smartwatches as Switzerland’s largest maker of timepieces vies with Silicon Valley for control of consumers’ wrists. The company’s Tissot brand will introduce a model around the end of 2018 that uses the Swiss-made system, which will also be able to connect small objects and wearables, Swatch Chief Executive Officer Nick Hayek said in an interview Thursday. The technology will need less battery power and …
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