• Automated Buses Moving Beyond Trials
    The initial self-driving vehicles commercialized may be some that carry more than individual former drivers. Following a trial last year, autonomous buses will start rolling for commuters in Helsinki, Finland, later this year.
  • SoftBank Invests In Roomba Vacuum Maker IRobot
    SoftBank is continuing its IoT investment spree, wiht Boston-area based IRobot being the latest target. The Roomba robotic vacuum maker is now valued at more htan $2 billion, with SoftBank now accounting for just under a 5% stake in the company.
  • Google Promises 11 Daydream VR Phones By End Of Year
    The number of smartphones that can be used for virtual reality is growing. Google launched its own VR platform Daydream and now the company says at least 11 smartphones that can use Daydream will be out before the end of the year.
  • Ray-Ban Introduces Smart Table For Sunglass Shoppers
    Shopping for some products has gotten 'smarter,' and now sunglasses join the mix. Ray-Ban has introduced a smart table that includes RFID technology and a touch screen display. A pair of sunglasses placed on the table brings up product information on that pair of glasses.
  • Virtual Reality Ads Around The Corner
    As virtual reality grows, the opportunity for advertising grows along with it. That is where some of the advertising of the future is headed, and now a new form of interactive advertisingis is being created.
  • Intel Backs Out Of Wearables, Shifts To AR
     It looks like Intel is backing out of the wearables business. The chip maker has killed the division that worked on health wearables, according to CNBC. The tech group is now reportedly focusing on augmented reality.
  • New $99 AR Headset Taps iPhone
    Augmented reality innovation keeps coming. Now a startup has created an AR-headset that uses an iPhone. And here’s the big deal: the price is $99.
  • Smart Speakers Fail To Catch On In China
    Smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home may be hot in the U.S. but not so much in China. Sales of the smart devices in the U.S. are many millions above those projected in China.
  • Microsoft Unveils Cortana-Controlled Thermostat
    The smart thermostat market is growing, with Microsoft now unveiling a device controlled by its Cortana virtual assistant. The device is a result of a partnership with Johnson Controls.
  • Walmart Launches Competition For VR Applications
    Walmart is looking for new virtual reality applications, but not on its own.  The mega-retailer is running a nationwide contest for developers to send in ideas that may change the way people shop. Winners will get some investment adn strategic advice, not to mention the opportunity to work with Walmart.
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