• Qualcomm Launches New Chip For Virtual, Augmented Reality
    A new chip for virtual and augmented reality has been introduced by Qualcomm. The performance of the chip aims to make VR and AR more affordable.
  • Best Buy Expands Geek Squad Tech Support
    Best Buy’s Geek Squad has been repairing technology in stores for customers for some time and now the program is being expanded nationwide so all tech products and appliances – especially the home-connected type – can be serviced.
  • Amazon Adds Package Tracking To Product Deliveries
    Tracking packages coming from Amazon is getting easier. The online giant has introduced a feature to its Amazon Prime so customers can use Amazon Map Tracking to check where their packages are at any point along the way.
  • HTC Adds Phone Call Feature To VR Headset
    Features for virtual reality headsets continue to add up. Now HTC is adding to its Vive Focus the ability to receive calls and messages from a paired HTC smartphone.
  • Airbus Focuses On Flying Taxis, On-Demand Helicopters
    Future transportation may involve more than driverless cars, as Airbus focuses on flying taxis and on-demand helicopters. Airbus created an Urban Mobility Unit to explore options.
  • Best Buy Picks New Chief Digital Officer From CVS
    After stints leading the digital charge at Staples and then CVS, Brian Tilzer is moving to Best Buy as its new chief digital office. He replaces Bala Subramanian who is heading to AT&T as its chief digital officer.
  • Robots Grow Mini-Organs From Human Stem Cells
    Robots continue to do more things and now they’re even growing mini-organs from stem cells, according to a report being published. The research was conducted at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle.
  • Apple Teases Smarter Siri Voice
    At Apples annual Worldwide Developers Conference, an upgrade to the Siri voice assistant may be introduced. Apple had no official comment in advance of the event.
  • Facial Recognition Software Ready To ID Shoplifters In Stores
    As facial recognition capabilities improve, it’s getting to the point to be able to be used to identify potential shoplifters in stores. The technology is deployed through closed-circuit cameras.
  • About That Google AI-Powered Voice Assistant Phone Call
    One of the highlights of the recent Google I/O 2018 conference was the playing of a recording of a phone call from a new feature called Google Duplex to a restaurant to make a reservation while speaking with a human. Now some questions are being raised.
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