• New Cars Gain Self-Driving Safety Features
    Car makers are slowly adding safety features migrating from autonomous vehicles. For example, features such as larger viewing screens and systems that can slow cars ahead of curves in advance are showing up in some new cars.
  • Self-Driving Car Gets Ticket
    An autonomous vehicle of the Cruise in San Francisco was cited by police for not yielding to a pedestrian. The car was operating in self-driving mode.
  • Uber Car Drives Down Stairs, Gets Stuck
    After having its testing permit pulled in Arizona and now renewing its testing self-riding tests in California, Uber ran into another issue this week. One of its cars took a wrong turn down a stairway.
  • Uber Reaches Settlement With Family Of Self-Driving Car Victim
    The potential court battle between uber and the family of the woman who died after being hit by a self-driving Uber car in Arizona has been averted.
  • VR Camera Maker Calling It Quits
     A virtual reality camera company is closing up shop, with a number of former employees heading over to Google. Earlier reports had the company being acquired by Google.  
  • Google Intros New Text-To-Speech Service
    A new synthesizer using artificial intelligence is being introduced by Google as part if its set of machine learning tools. The new service will be made available to developers that need voice synthesis.
  • Facebook Holds Off On Showing Smart Speaker
    It now looks like Facebook will not be showing a smart speaker at its developer conference in two months. Rumors have been circulating that a smart speaker is in the works.
  • Sony Drops PlayStation VR Headet Price To $299
    Sony is dropping the price of it virtual reality headsets, taking the PlayStation VR to $299, a price cut of $100. The pricing of combination packages is also being cut.
  • Self-Driving Cars Allowed Back On Boston Streets
    The pause for autonomous cars in Boston is now off, as self-driving cars are allowed to get back on the road. The mayor suspended the tests after a fatal accident involving an Uber self-driving SUV in Arizona.
  • Uber Gives Up Rights For Testing Self-Driving Cars In Califoria
     The permit for Uber to test self-driving vehicles in California is expiring and the company says it is not going to renew it. Uber autonomous car testing is currently halted in Arizona.
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