• Best Buy Expanding Displays For Amazon Echo, Google Home
    Amazon Echo devices and Google Home are getting a promotion at Best Buy. The retailer is expanding its smart home displays at all its stores, with an emphasis on Amazon Echo and Google Home. That will be along with connected products from other suppliers, including Philips and Nest, of smart thermostat fame.
  • Anheuser-Busch Expands Smart Fridge To U.S. Businesses
    The smart refrigerator is coming to the office. Anheuser-Busch InBen saysi it is introducing its smart fridge to U.S. businesses. The smart fridge can hold more thn 150 beers and send out an order for more wen running low. The fridge is now available in New York and Chicago.  
  • Uber Updates Self-Driving Truck Technologies
    Uber has updated the technology for its self-driving trucks. Interestingly, Uber finally dropped the Otto branding, following the purchase of Otto by Uber. The automous trucking project is now under Uber's Advanced Technologies Group.
  • Volvo Driverless Cars Confused By Kangaroos
    There are plenty of obstacles in front of self-driving cars and now the kangaroo can be added to the list. Turns out, Volvo automonous vehicles in Australia have a tough time with the movement of the kangaroo. But self-driving cars aren't the only issue, since more than 16,000 kangaroos are reporteldy hit each year
  • Outlook For Mac 2016 Comes With Email Tracking Feature
    Microsoft has added an email tracking feature to its Outlook for Mac 2016.
  • Boeing To Test Self-Flying Planes
    With self-driving cars not being controversial enough, an airline manufacturer is working on a self-piloting plane. Boeing notes that planes already can take off, cruise and land without pilots and their test planes could be here as soon as next summer, according to a report by CBS in Philadelphia.
  • Apple Dishes On Self-Driving Software Ambitions
    Apple is making a big bet on self-driving technology, Tim Cook tells Bloomberg. “We’re focusing on autonomous systems,” Cook said, and described the endeavor as “the mother of all AI projects.” Notes Bloomberg: “Apple had initially been seeking to build its own car, before recalibrating those ambitions last year to prioritize the underlying technology.”
  • Apple Fine-Tunes Watch With Latest Operating System
    Apple has been tinkering with its smartwatch efforts over time, as its features unrelated to fitness tracking didn’t draw as much excitement as Apple expected. The latest iteration of Apple Watch software upgrades its fitness features but also adds much more punch from third-party apps.
  • Is Apple Ready To Unveil Smart Speaker?
    Along with a ton of new software, Apple is expected to unveil some hardware at its Worldwide Developers Conference, this week. That could include the company’s first smart speaker. Yes, Apple’s answer to the Amazon Echo and Google Home may well be announced on Monday,” The Verge writes. “The speaker is one reason to expect updates to Siri this year, as you can bet that Apple will want to let app developers take advantage of this new device.”
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