• Google Faces GDPR Complaints On Location Tracking
    Seven privacy groups are filing a complaint against Google relating to privacy, suggesting that location tracking can show personal details.
  • Microsoft Acquires AI-Focused Company
    Continuing its move into artificial intelligence, Microsoft is acquiring Xoxco, a software developer with a focus on bot design.
  • Self-Driving Robots To Deliver Packages On Demand
    Starship Technologies’ on-demand package delivery services is in the works, which will use its mobile app to notify a customer when a package is available for delivery by robot.
  • LG Patents Focus On Smartwatches
    LG could have some new wearables on the way based on several patents. The company has patented five watch faces, all recently published.
  • Ohio Starts Accepting Bitcoin For Tax Payments
    Ohio businesses can pay their taxes in bitcoin starting next week, as first reported by “The Wall Street Journal.”
  • Verizon Readies Launch Of 5G Mobile Service
    Verizon has started installing standards-based 5G equipment in advance of the mobile service launch next year, according to Bill Stone, vice president of technology development and planning at Verizon.
  • 5G To Reach 40% Of World Population: GSMA
    Besides predicting that 70% of the world’s population will be on mobile internet, the GSMA is also forecasting that 5G networks will each 40% of the world population by 2025.
  • Google Assistant Fine-Tuned For iOS Devices
    Google has introduced support for Apple Siri Shortcuts, so that the phrase “Hey Google” can trigger the Assistant app.
  • Kroger, Ocado Creating Automated Robot Warehouse
    Kroger and Ocado are planning a $55 million automated robot warehouse in Monroe, Ohio, creating more than 400 new jobs, the retailers announced.
  • Smartphone Deal Lost In Translation, Xiaomi Apologizes To UK Consumers
    What looked like an offer too good to be true turned out to be an apparent raffle by Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, which attributed the miscue to a translation error in the marketing message.
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