• Amazon Go Stores Find New Rival
    Shoppers have been skipping checkout lines at the highly automated Amazon Go stores and now a new approach using artificial intelligence is launching in Japan.
  • Walmart Scales Down 'Scan And Go' Shopping
    Walmart is adding more self-checkout kiosks in Canadian stores as it pairs down its ‘scan and go’ system that allows shoppers to skip checkout lines.
  • Toyota Tests HoloLens VR Goggles
    Toyota is testing Microsoft’s HoloLens mixed reality technology, by tapping into the VR goggles on production lines.
  • Ericsson Plans Autonomous Driving Test At CES
    An application for an autonomous driver demonstration during the annual CES in Las Vegas has been filed with the FCC by Ericsson.
  • Samsung Joins AI Research Group
    Samsung Electronics has become a member of the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, so it can play a part in how AI evolves for people and society.
  • Implanting Chips Into Employees Raises Concern
    The largest employer organization and main trade union in Britain is raising concern about the idea of companies there improving security by implanting chips in employees.
  • Albertsons Plans AI Robotics Test
    Supermarket chain Albertsons is planning to use artificial intelligence for the automation of online orders picked at stores.
  • Judge Tells Amazon To Turn Over Echo Recordings In Homicide Trial
    A judge in New Hampshire has ordered Amazon to turn over recordings from an Echo speaker as a potential source of audio recorded of murders being committed.
  • Samsung Foldable Phone To Price At $1,770: Report
    The new foldable mobile devices recently teased by Samsung can be priced as high as $1,770, according to a new report.
  • Adidas Taps AR For Sneaker Sales
    To sell its limited-edition sneakers, Adidas introduced an augmented reality feature for attendees at a launch event.
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