• GoPro Acquisition Considered, Says Report
    GoPro may be in consideration for a move to ownership by a Chinese company. Reports are that the Chinese phone maker Xiaomi is taking a look.
  • Casino Database Hacked Through Lobby Aquarium Thermometer
    Some connected objects may not be as secure as expected. A cybersecurity company executive said a casino was hacked through a thermometer in a lobby acquarium.
  • Mastercard, Lyft, Drone Companies Experiment With Artificial Intelligence
    Various degrees of artificial intelligence are finding their way into numerous aspects of business. These range from using drones to inspect houses for roof damage to verifying customer identity.
  • High-Tech Cameras Tapped To Detect, Fine Drivers Using Phones
    High-tech cameras are being used to detect drivers using mobile phones while driving. The concept is to automatically issue citations to drivers.
  • Apple's HomePod Smart Speaker Not A Hot Seller
    Apple was a bit late to the smart speaker market when it introduced its HomePod in January. Now it appears sales are not meeting expectations.
  • New Version Of Snap Spectacles Seen In FCC Filing
    A new version of the Spectacles wearable device has been highlighted in an FCC filing by Snap Inc. The glasses are referred to as a wearable video camera.
  • Alphabet Company To Start Pilot For Smart City
    The creation of a smart city with autonomous vehicles, a thermal grid and robotic delivery services is in the works. The project is being led by Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet company.
  • AI Startup Raises $600 Million For Facial Recognition Tech
    Facial recognition is getting a boost, in terms of a $600 million investment in a Chinese artificial intelligence company. This makes the company the most valuable AI startup anywhere.
  • Amazon Keyless Home Entry Launches Nationally
    Some of the Amazon Key features are launching in the U.S. The feature allows keyless entry and guest access for home delivery of products.
  • Zipline Launches Fastest Commercial Delivery Drone
    Drones keep getting launched for any number of reasons. Zipline created a drone delivery system to ship medical supplies to remote locations and now the company has developed one that can travel around 80 miles an hour.
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