• Bose Launches Headphones Including Google Assistant
    The battle of voice assistants continues. Now well-known audio pioneer Bose is introducing a new headphone that includes Google Assistant, via a button on the side.
  • Ford Tests HoloLens For Car Design
    Various industries continue to push for new ways to use virtual reality. Now Ford is testing HoloLens to help design cars. The technology lets engineers mix holograms with real or moodel cars.
  • Google To Launch Mini Version Of Google Home, Says Report
     Smart home technology continues to grow and also get smaller, at least the devices themselves. Now Google Home is reportedly going to launch a smaller version of Google Home, most logically called Google Home Mini.
  • Driveless Shuttles Launched For Elderly In Japan
    Driverless vehicles seem to be popping up everywhere these days. Now a driverless shuttle has been started in Japan, with self-driving shuttle buses being used to move elderly residents around.
  • Robotics Tapped For Salad-Making Machine
    Automation is expanding into all areas of life, even in the area of fresh food. Now a California startup has created a salad-making robot that can make a fresh salad in about a minute.
  • Movable Smart Fridge Comes When Called
    Home automation is moving to another level.  Panasonic, in a move to cater to the less-than-energetic couch potato, created a prototype of movable fridge, which comes when beckoned.
  • Hotel Room Service Comes From Aura The Robot
    Staying at a hotel and need something from room service? No problem.  Now a hotel in Singapore is automating the delivery of items  by sending them via Aura, the room service robot.
  • 'System Safeguards' Found Lacking In Fatal Tesla Crash
    The National Transportation Safety Board has concluded that ‘operational limitations’ of the Tesla Model S contributed to the fatal crash between a Tesla and a truck. The car was operating in autopilot mode at the time.
  • Machine Washes, Dries Then Folds Clothes
    It’s taken many years, but one appliance manufacturer has devised a washing machine that can fold clothes. The Sustainable Maintainer prototype from Panasonic uses robotics to fold the clean clothes.
  • Walmart Plans Its Own AI Network
    Artificial intelligence is being used un countless ways and now Walmart is getting in on the action. The mega-retailer is going to build its own neural networks to get train for the store of the future.
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