• Net-A-Porter To Launch AI Picking Service
    Personalized shopping is getting a shot in the arm. Net-A-Porter, the fashion retailer, plans to introduce a picking robot to help customers select just the right clothes.
  • Robots To Replace Fast Food Workers At New Shake Shack In New York
     The robots are coming to fast food. At a coming Shake Shack in New York, robots will be used in the place of humans in a cash-free environment.
  • Airline To Offer Complimentary VR Headsets
    Virtual reality is going up. In the sky, that is. An Air France spin-off airline called Joon plans to offer complimentary VR headsets to business class passengers. No word yet on what content will be offered.
  • Robotic Tablet On Wheels Comes When Called
    Robots are popping up everywhere and one company wants a new version of one to enter consumers’ homes. The Temi robot is basically a movable version of a smart screen, one that can identify a consumer by facial recognition and come when called.
  • Garmin Fitness Band Taps Disney Characters
    Fitness tracker company Garmin is looking to engage with more children. To do that, the company is using Disney characters to energize its fitness bands for children.
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