Auto Service Customers Want QR Codes/Apps

  • December 18, 2012

DMEautomotive has a new survey on how -- and how much -- auto service customers are interacting with QR codes and mobile apps. The data also reveals which content and functionality customers want most from a service center offering. The firm's findings show that only 10% of mobile users have dealer or service provider apps. Auto service customers are far more likely to use mobile apps (44%) than QR codes (18%). Also, two in three auto service customers who use mobile apps use them at least daily.

What consumers want in auto service providers’ QR Codes and mobile apps are coupons and the ability to schedule online appointments. But The top two places that consumers are being routed via QR code scans are product info and links to a Web page -- typically static, non-actionable destinations.

The findings are based on a national survey of 2,000+ U.S. vehicle owners conducted by DMEautomotive’s Strategy & Analytics division.



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