180LA Helps Pacific Life Launch Its 'Swell' New Subsidiary

Pacific Life Insurance Company is launching Swell, a new subsidiary that is devoted to cause-driven investing. To help launch the new brand, the insurance company is working with ad agency 180LA to reach Millennials who typically are not interested in the investing market but who are interested in cause-driven brands. 

The ad campaign is designed to illustrate Swell's cause-related positioning in the financial investment industry. When people use the service, Swell will make a donation to the causes people have pre-registered to support. They currently have four options: Jumpstart for Young Children, Inc. (Improve Education), The American Association of People with Disabilities (Uphold Human Rights), and Susan G. Komen for the Cure (Fight Cancer).

180LA designed the Web site, social media, branding and creative asserts, with messaging and images that represent turning money into something good. For instance, the Web site shows paper money in the shape of a heart and the Swell brand name is designed with a smile.



Although it may most commonly be used as slang, Pacific Life selected Swell for its multiple meanings. "Swell means growth and Swell means good -- so the name perfectly captures the goal of our investment models," says Liam Monaghan, managing director, Swell.

"Also, since we're a California brand with California origins, Swell is a great homage to our connection with Pacific Life." 

This is the first time 180LA has worked with Pacific Life. The companies are both based in the same Newport Beach, CA community.

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