SitoMobile, Live Ramp Team To Up Brand Targeting

Mobile engagement platform SITO Mobile announced Friday a partnership with LiveRamp, a provider of data on-boarding services owned by Acxiom.

The new partnership allows brands to use their customer database for in-app personalization, targeting and analytics.

“We want to be able to provide our clients with every aspect of targeting available. It was a focus of ours to have a full suite of targeting to accommodate our current and future clients,” says Jon Lowen, SITO Mobile’s EVP of operations and product development.

On-boarding data is the transfer of data that was gathered offline to the online realm. For example, a retail chain may keep track of in-store purchases or customer service calls in a database tied to email addresses.

LiveRamp can create a retargeting audience within SITO Mobile’s platform by matching a brand’s offline database to online data -- often using travel or dating sites’ information to link the two together. The data is made anonymous and sent to SITO Mobile. SITO Mobile can then layer on its proprietary data, allowing brands to retarget more effectively and also to find similar customers who haven’t engaged yet.



“Data is at the center of all mobile decisions,” says Lowen, and there is a wealth of data out there for LiveRamp to draw from. It was recently reported that the company on-boards about 20 billion consumer records each month, or 240 billion a year.

As SITO Mobile prepares for uplisting to the NASDAQ Capital Market, the partnership also makes them a more attractive buy for investors, as the company announced Thursday the completion of a 1-for-10 reverse stock split.

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