PubMatic Launches SEVEN, Revenue Management Platform

Ad-tech firm PubMatic on Monday announced the launch of SEVEN, a revenue management platform that offers publishers more control of their digital assets and media buyers the ability to purchase verified audiences and inventory at scale across all screens, channels and formats.

Seven's tools, including Unified Ad Server and OpenWrap, will manage ad decisioning, automate the buying and selling of inventory, coordinate quality control and compliance, and provide real-time data and analytics.

PubMatic’s Unified Ad Server enables publishers to:

  • Manage programmatic and non-programmatic inventory from a single view, whether the campaigns are guaranteed and direct sold, PMP, PMP guaranteed, automated guaranteed, open exchange, or integrated wrapper.
  • Optimize revenue across sales channels without compromising guarantees or brand control requirements.
  • Access enterprise-grade analytics with real-time data and insights.

OpenWrap, which makes the wrapper tag open-source, underscores PubMatic’s commitment to support transparency in the digital advertising ecosystem, according to the company.

PubMatic also provides supply-side platform, private marketplace, analytics, header bidding, curated audiences, and RTB offerings. 



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