33Across Launches 2 New In-Feed Ad Products

33Across announced on Thursday two additions to its programmatic offerings for publishers: Desktop In-Feed Video and Desktop In-Feed Impact.

The new products are considered high-impact and non-intrusive by 33Across, and will appear within content on a Web site or in a product feed. The ad units respond to scrolling and remain viewable as long as the creative is 50% in view.

The In-Feed Video units automatically run 15- or 30-second ads within content streams -- again, as long as the creative is 50% in view. The videos pause when a user scrolls past them, then resumes once they come back in view.

“We know from our research that ad viewability and time-in-view standards are too low. Our Desktop In-Feed Video and In-Feed Impact products are our answer to this,” 33Across CEO Eric Wheeler told Real-Time Daily via email. “We think that advertisers desire a more integrated experience and publishers deserve the benefits of delivering this user engagement."



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