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Discover Uses Digital-First Approach To Reach Millennials

Discover has made a strategic digital shift in order to better connect with Millennial customers. 

This isn’t a one-off, but is a concerted and consistent effort, according to the financial services company.

From Baby Boomers to Millennials, Discover is continuously looking for new ways to engage with consumers, says Kelly Megel, director of brand communications and sponsorships at Discover.

“However, Millennials are of ongoing interest to Discover, especially as this generation continues to age into financial-related life stages,” Megel tells Marketing Daily.

One effort is an #adulting social media campaign that has been adapted to some of the biggest financial changes or commitments in a person’s life such as buying a house or having a baby.



“We worked to identify a trend in pop culture that we could use to leverage relationships with Millennials,” Megel says. “'Adulting' is a term commonly used amongst this generation and captures the feeling of growing up and having adult responsibilities—what is more ‘adult’ than starting your first job or getting married?”

“Adulting" is not just a buzz word, but a funny, yet relatable way of talking about responsibilities, she says. 

“To genuinely engage with Millennials on this topic, we amplified our initiative by creating physical adulting badges that Millennials could wear as a sort of ‘badge of honor’ for achieving one of the five life stages (getting married; buying your first car; buying your first home; getting your first job; and having your first child),” Megel says

Discover also partnered with on its new financial section “The Payoff,” which was aimed at a younger generation of readers who are beginning to seriously consider how to invest, save or make responsible purchasing decisions. 

“Through our content partnerships, we look to engage with consumers by providing them with useful/helpful information,” Megel says. “As such, we try to find partners we know have an authentic voice and find ways to bridge the gap between consumers and brands in a genuine way.” 

The brand is also engaging in an ongoing branded content partnership with Mental Floss aimed at driving engagement and generating social buzz among its Millennial audience.

“In partnership with our media agency, Spark Foundry, we hope to continue branded content partnerships with outlets like and Mental Floss that allow us to engage with consumers in a meaningful way,” Megel says.

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