Search Remains Focus For Google, With 18 Mentions During Earnings Call

Eighteen mentions of “search” in Google’s earnings call on Monday doesn’t exactly imply that the company’s focus on the media is in decline. But the majority of the mentions are related to either mobile search or search on YouTube, rather than on desktop.

For example, Google CFO Ruth Porat said results were driven by “ongoing strength in mobile search, along with important contributions from YouTube, followed by Cloud.”

Porat said Google still views the “advertising opportunity” in mobile search and site revenue as “significant.”

First-quarter revenue rose 17% to $36.3 billion compared with the prior year, but clicks fell -- with the exception of YouTube, where they grew at a slower pace.

Mobile search increasingly plays a role in driving shoppers to a brick-and-mortar store. Consumers are 30% more likely to complete a purchase in person when they find a deal on their phone, according to a survey released Tuesday by RetailMeNot.



The study details the critical role that mobile devices play for consumers when they are shopping in physical retail stores. It’s no surprise that 69% would rather consult a product review on their phone than ask a store associate -- I do.

While 64% of shoppers complete their purchase in a physical store, they don’t always begin there. Data shows that 39% of Americans begin their shopping journey on a mobile device, and 14% begin on a desktop.  

The RetailMeNot survey also found that 49% of Americans have an app that collects and provides deals and discounts across retailers on their smartphones. Some 65% say receiving mobile coupons they can redeem in-store is important when shopping in physical stores.

Even more significant is the finding that 69% say receiving a personalized offer on their phone that they can use in-store would make them more likely to visit a physical retail location.




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