Why American Companies Are Researching More D2C, Less Retargeting Post-Pandemic

American businesses are spending more time researching direct-to-consumer advertising, native advertising and search engine marketing, and considerably less time with digital content about search retargeting and addressable TV advertising, than they were a quarter ago.

That's the finding of a unique analysis of what ad industry-relevant topics employees and executives at American companies have been landing their browsers on.

The data isn't merely search intent, but actual consumption of content that business domains spend their time on -- and importantly, the platform, Bombora, is capable of determining when a company's personnel are browsing those destinations while at home, as well as within their company's physical domain.

The analysis was conducted to assess how interest in researching ad industry-related subjects changed pre- and post- the COVID-19 pandemic, especially the stay-at-home/work-at-home orders.

Regarding the dominant surge in interest researching direct-to-consumer advertising, Michael McLaren, CEO of Merkle's B2B Group, and an expert on analyzing Bombora's data, says: "No doubt marketers are looking to establish more control over their sales processes in a time of great uncertainty, or are finding themselves unable to maintain the same relationships with distributors/traditional channel right now, thereby shifting focus to find new avenues to market."

McLaren did not offer an explanation for the significant dips in intent signals for researching other key ad industry topics -- such as retargeting, addressable advertising, and even "ad agencies," but these are top line indicators of corporate interests and intent.


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