Comscore, MediaMath Partner On Programmatic Contextual Targeting For CTV, Livestreaming Video

Comscore and MediaMath on Thursday took steps to launch a programmatic contextual targeting solution for connected TV (CTV) and video on the open exchange.

The process uses frame-by-frame visual recognition and second-by-second audio processing to provide contextualization of the full content for CTV, video and livestreaming. The companies made it available globally in MediaMath’s demand-side platform.

“The categorization triggers are also made available to recommendation and personalize engines, and could impact SEO and first-party cookie strategies,” said Rachel Gantz, general manager, Activation Solutions, Comscore.

Marketers leverage the granular contextual targeting to refine the content their ads will run alongside for CTV and video advertising, Gantz says. This can be applied to digital video to help prevent unwanted content from brand-safety concerns or can be used to highlight specific categories of most interest for CTV. 

For example, Gantz said, a CPG advertiser selling a breakfast-food brand may want to target cooking and family content. This solution allows them to focus on CTV content that meets the desired goals of their advertising campaign, while enjoying the advantages of open-exchange programmatic buying. 

Publishers and content creators give Comscore access to the videos, and they’re returned to the content owners with the appropriate characterization. It helps to optimize content and identify the triggers within the content.

The process uses Comscore’s contextual crawler and intelligent categorization methodology to associate IAB, brand safety, brand suitability, and some unique to Comscore contextual categories with the CTV and video content. The content providers then use this categorization for their direct sales or to help advertisers fulfill granular content targeting via programmatic open exchange buying for high quality CTV and video inventory, Gantz explains.

Brands and agencies are seeking innovative new solutions within CTV and livestreaming that allow them to connect with consumers while prioritizing privacy and brand safety. The capabilities allow them to target relevant and brand-safe CTV and video content programmatically.

The type of technology -- already available for news sites and other types of publications -- now can be applied to CTV and video impressions across leading inventory partners. For example, an automotive advertiser can target sections of a news program, while avoiding content related to car accidents and violent crime.

Neil Nguyen, global chief digital officer at Havas Edge and Edge Performance Network, believes as connected TV becomes core in performance marketing strategies for clients, programmatic trading teams will have the ability to add Comscore’s proprietary advanced cookieless contextual targeting to keep brands safe.

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