Kochava Acquires DigiCenter And Adds Emails To Its Collective

Kochava, a provider of omnichannel attribution tools, has acquired DigiCenter, a firm that offers identity solutions and cross-device graph data. Terms were not disclosed. 

Users of the combined services can gain insights into advertising interactions, in-app activity, website visits, demographics, and other touchpoints, Kochava says.

The companies have worked together for a few years. 

Kochava conducts deterministic matching of internal hashed email addresses to mobile ad IDs while linking hashed emails to a complete person graph. 

It also offers the Kochava Collective, a mobile-first data marketplace driven by Free App Analytics.



DigiCenter serves marketers, publishers and ad-tech providers.

It includes 320 million unique people in the U.S., 180 million unique households, 1 billion unique emails, and 200 billion ongoing monthly events. This is used to improve targeting for connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) campaigns.

The Collective now has over 1 billion hashed emails within its device database.

“With the changes in the ad-tech ecosystem, this acquisition adds to the privacy-first and consent-based approach to data that the ecosystem wants,” states Charles Manning, founder and CEO of Kochava.


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