IBM's Weather Data Now Sold Through AWS Data Exchange

IBM Watson Advertising today announced the availability of data from The Weather Company, an IBM Business, on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Exchange.

The AWS Data Exchange allows businesses to find and subscribe to third-party data in the cloud, says David Olesnevich, head of product at IBM Watson Advertising.

Subscribers can use the AWS console or APIs to load IBM Watson Advertising solutions weather data into a variety of AWS analytics and machine learning services.

Pharmaceuticals, apparel, consumer packaged goods and indoor and outdoor activities are some of the segments offered.

The datasets can help analyze how weather affects consumer purchasing across different categories. Local data by ZIP codes includes historical weather data, and 15-day forecasts.

Data about hot, cold, windy, and other conditions could also be used to help inform campaigns as well as supply-chain and forecasting decisions. This data can even help to surface unique or less obvious relationships between weather and consumer behavior.

Insights that show locations where weather could affect sales can help businesses drive revenue based on predictive consumer behavior.

Data from past IBM Watson Advertising research reveals that while chocolate candy bar sales generally rise in colder months across the U.S., sales can spike in the Southwest when a higher heat index is expected, and in the Northeast during muggy nights. In another example, while more bug spray is purchased during the summer months, foggy conditions in the Northwest can drive more sales while clear conditions can drive demand in central states.

Olesnevich said Weather Company data packages will become available via a yearly subscription model ranging in price from $10,000 to $21,000, and are subject to change.

AWSs isn’t the only exchange that sells The Weather Company data. It’s also available at The Trade Desk, MediaMath, LiveRamp, Xandr. But selling data on AWS allows IBM Watson Advertising weather data to reach enterprise customers.


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