Banana Boat And Lotame Share Results From First Video Cookieless Targeting Campaign

Lotame will release data on Wednesday detailing a video campaign with Banana Boat that tests the performance and the scale of programmatic audience targeting with and without third-party cookies. 

“The concept of cookieless is new, and we need to push different ways of targeting,” says Juan Velez, CEO at Xaxis LATAM, Banana Boat’s agency partner. “They trusted our judgement and delighted with the results in terms of the completion rate and the ability to scale in a cookieless campaign without restrictions.”

Opening restrictions of targeting to other markets and countries is a potential next step, he says.

Banana Boat worked with its agency, Xaxis Miami, in Mexico to leverage partners for a cookieless addressability solution.

Other companies that worked on this project to develop the first video cookieless campaign include data management company Lotame, demand-side platform (DSP) Xandr, and supply-side platform (SSP) PubMatic.

The group found that Lotame Panorama ID, a cookieless identity solution for the open web, increased scale across both third-party cookie-restricted and third-party cookie-permitting browsers, from Google Chrome to Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. 

The campaign ran for 1.5 months.

Lotame curated the audiences. Segments included demographics such as gender, age, interests in family and parenting, home and garden, health and fitness, and sports. 

“We’re pleased with the results and moving forward with other brands,” said Sebastian Yoffe, managing director of LATAM at Lotame, adding that this was the first time the companies ran this sort of campaign in video. “Once clients see they can do cookieless targeting, brands switch. They do not wait for Chrome to shut down third-party cookies,” Yoffe added.

Results included 94% video completion rate (VCR), and 83% increase in viewability across Safari and Firefox verses 61% with cookies present. It beat the viewability benchmark by 34%, and increased the VCR by 12%, as well as and higher View-Through Rates (VTR) in cookie-restricted browsers. 

Lotame shared cookie and cookieless segments using its Panorama ID with Xaxis and its SSP PubMatic. PubMatic created Deal IDs through its audience solution, Connect, for the audiences to set up an A/B test. The Deal IDs were made available to Banana Boat through Xandr’s Invest DSP to target. 

“Personalization is very important,” Velez said. “Even though privacy restrictions have been put into place, consumers want personalized and precise content.”

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