Basis Delivers On Programmatic Guaranteed, Kreps Creative First To Use

Basis Technologies, which provides cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence, on Tuesday announced the availability of programmatic guaranteed buying.

Jamie Stevenson, senior digital strategist at full-service digital agency Kreps Creative, is one of the first to use the platform. She began using it in November with a direct deal with Hulu through Disney ad sales promoting a luxury brand.

“I managed and loaded the campaigns into Hulu through the Basis platform,” she said. “It gave me so much more information that I would not have had through a direct buy.”

Rather than contacting a rep and waiting two days, she could look at the dashboard to view how impressions were delivered on the video campaign, get a view-rate count, and determine how well the campaign paced to ensure it was on track.

Inventory suppliers in Basis transacting guaranteed deals include Magnite, OpenX, Triton Digital, Tubi, Beachfront, Connatix, Equativ, and more.

The feature is part of the BasisAutomate+ suite that simplifies the most important elements of the campaign process: planning, performance and measurement. 

The Basis platform connects programmatic guaranteed campaign execution with media planning, vendor negotiations, and deal activation to streamline the entire process.

Previously, programmatic guaranteed buying has not been fully automated because it requires manual labor for negotiations and agreements between marketers and publishers, similar to traditional ways media is bought and sold.

Basis is the first demand-side platform (DSP) allowing media professionals to find potential publishers, understand market rates, negotiate terms and generate a deal ID for programmatic guaranteed ad serving all in the same workflow in one software dashboard.

“With programmatic guarantee, everything passed correctly and the view rate was 100%, because the only way someone could x-out of it was to turn it off,” she said. “We were able to get Basis to work for companies in the mid-tier spend category, so it opened new media channels that wouldn’t have had the opportunity. They were not able to participate because they do not spend enough.”

When asked to cite the biggest challenge for companies this year, Stevenson said that would be tracking. “I feel like we finally got it down, and then no more cookies, we’re not doing that anymore,” she said, with a chuckle.

She added that Google Analytics 4 keeps her up at night, and there could be better resources to manage the transition.

Google Analytics 4 is the company’s next-generation measurement solution. It replaces Universal Analytics. On July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits across the web.

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