TikTok's New 'Promote' Options Help Brands Boost Organic Content

TikTok has announced four new options to its Promote ad feature, which helps brands and small businesses quickly turn organic posts into ads directly on the platform.

TikTok's new offerings aim to help brands drive more visits to their pages, receive more messages from interested users, boost other creators' content and target audiences by location.

Brands can attract more user-attention when they Promote a video, which will now include a large red call-to-action that links directly to their TikTok profile.

When promoting a video for “more messages,” viewers will see your content and a similar call-to-action button that prompts them to “send message,” leading them to compose a draft.



A large part of succeeding with social media involves working with creators who produce and share relevant videos. Now, brands don't have to choose between Promoting their own content, but that of the creators working with them. To do so, brands will need to request permission from the creators they want to highlight.

In addition, “Promote for Others” allows brands to track campaign analytics in their TikTok dashboard.

Promote users can now also target specific audiences by location, which may help a brand with brick-and-mortar store, restaurants, and service-based businesses who serve specific area.

“This smarter targeting helps show your content to more viewers closest to your businesses,” TikTok says, adding that a brand's campaigns then can become more efficient.

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