Integral Ad Science Takes Netflix Verification Program Live

Integral Ad Science (IAS), which supports digital media quality, on Monday launched Viewability and Invalid Traffic verification for Netflix’s ad-supported plan following the partnership announcement in 2022.

The goal is to ensure that advertising campaigns running on Netflix are delivered fraud-free and are seen by real viewers.

Craig Ziegler, IAS senior vice president of product, wrote in an email to Search & Performance Marketing Daily that the verification will provide advertisers with insights on the quality of their media buys and user engagement.

The program will enable advertisers to View and interpret how often their ad is being viewed in order to make educated decisions about their ad spend. Evaluate rates of Invalid Traffic to ensure content is being viewed by a person rather than machines or other bot activity. Identify trends in Viewability through the standard at which the Media Rating Council considers an ad impression viewable or not, and IVT to understand campaign performance and optimize for peak engagement.

Advertisers also will receive consistent verification reports across campaigns.

When asked how any targeting works, Ziegler said it is handled by Netflix and Xandr first-party tools.

IAS’s independent, third-party advertising verification program for Netflix provides independent, third-party reporting in the IAS Signal platform, better insights through trend identification and optimizing campaigns based on engagement, and consistent measurement across media buys to understand performance across the digital ecosystem.

The verification program for Netflix is live in all of the 12 Netflix ad-supported countries and across all platforms such as connected televisions, computers, and mobile.

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