Newswire Begins Releasing AI Tool Suite For Marketers, Copywriters, Creators, PR

Newswire launched two tools Tuesday based on artificial intelligence to help marketers, copywriters, and content creators craft and optimize press releases and other content.

Almee, an artificial intelligence (AI) writing assistant and recommendation engine, allows users to answer a short questionnaire to generate a press release. Users also can submit text of their own for the technology to review and improve.

“We wanted to build a product that assists the writer to bring their story to life,” says Brian Balbirnie, founder and CEO at Issuer Direct, Newswire’s parent company. “Our product will build an article, but the idea is to improve on what the writer writes.”

The algorithm carefully monitors the sequence of words -- including adjectives, verbs, perfect verbs, past-perfect verbs and more -- identifying language to prevent repetition and patterns in the copy.

Today, the recommendation engine pulls from a catalog of words to build the content and to suggest search engine operation (SEO) term based on the past experiences of other companies.

By September, Newswire also will release tools such as a global media product, another to pitch media and manage analytics, and then a monitoring tool -- all driven by AImee.

Eventually, the tools will become a suite companies will license monthly.

The tool is built on insights from Newswire's content archives across 29 industries, as well as analytics from engagements of those press releases. It relies on a combination of AI technologies to provide the data-fed feedback.

The platform will have the ability to distribute the story, find the media, see the engagement, pitch and re-pitch look alike audiences, measure the reporting, and have an attached analytics platform.  

“We’re fighting for eyeballs, and a lot of people use five or six different platforms to tell and promote their story,” he said. “We wanted to create a one-system concept.”

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