Nexxen Partners With Lumen On Omnichannel Attention Measurement

Nexxen — formerly Tremor International — has integrated Lumen Research’s attention metrics into its platform to offer an attention solution spanning connected TV, online video and display advertising. 

Nexxen’s attention-measurement offering can be used across a campaign’s lifecycle, including for pre-campaign planning via active attention analysis and creative optimization, provided by in-house creative agency Nexxen Studio; activation via Lumen’s Attentive Private Marketplaces (aPMPs), delivered for the first time by Nexxen on CTV, and measurement and reporting powered by the Lumen Attention Measurement Dashboard. 

Nexxen Studio’s Active Attention measurement uses AI facial coding technology to identify attention-driving elements in creative on a frame-by-frame basis.

Insights are then separated into audience subsets, including key performance indicator audiences with high purchase intent, and assets optimized to drive engagement for key groups. 

Using Lumen’s aPMPs, the solution enables clients to run the optimized creative across CTV, online video and display inventory demonstrated to command high-attention supply, all of which can be activated through Nexxen’s demand-side platform/DSP. 

By predicting the likelihood that an ad will be seen at the impression level, the CTV aPMP solution allows advertisers to buy media that drive the most attention and allows for omnichannel attribution for digital environments across click-through, view rate, video completion rate and conversion rate, according to Nexxen.

The set of attention metrics can be used to inform future media buying.

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