Havas Agencies To Use Adobe Firefly To Boost Supply Chain

Havas has expanded its partnership with Adobe as it aims to transform its end-to-end content workflows while creating a “smarter and more responsible” content supply chain.

Havas agencies will now begin leveraging Adobe Firefly, the company’s suite of creative generative AI models, to deliver enhanced customer experiences.

Havas is aiming to accelerate the content processes in its agencies, “from ideation to delivery,” by utilizing Adobe GenStudio, an enterprise content supply-chain solution built on apps on Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Express and Experience Cloud.

“Using Adobe GenStudio, Havas agencies will be able to choose which content-creation techniques and practices they employ, as well as how they prefer to leverage generative AI when activating new and variant content,” the companies stated in an announcement. “They will also gain access to audience-specific data insights, enabling impact-based content optimization, and Adobe GenStudio’s seamless collaboration features,” which are designed to help cross-functional teams create, edit and deliver customer experiences in real time.



In addition, Havas will gain access to Firefly, Adobe’s suite of creative generative AI models, on order to generate content that is designed to be safer for commercial use.

On the same day as the partnership announcement, Adobe shared future updates to Firefly at its annual MAX conference.

For example, the Firefly Image 2 Model will have an improved capability to render humans -- something that most competing models struggle with. The company said Firefly users have generated three billion images since the service launched six months ago, with one billion images generated just last month.

Adobe has separated itself from competitors by attempting to use AI technologies to help professional designers and agencies do their jobs more efficiently rather than replacing them altogether.

Havas said it hopes the expanded partnership with Adobe will help its agencies keep pace with growing demands for real-time personalized content without compromising quality or brand consistency. It also hopes that Adobe’s services will help the company reduce waste.

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