Psychologists Find A New Way To Analyze Behavior And Target Ads

Full-time cognitive psychologists in AnalyticsIQ’s research department have been working to determine the best ways to improve performance with each targeted ad, especially since cookies have begun to disappear as targeting options.

“We try to solve for unique and unknown consumer behavior and characteristics with help from a panel of consumers -- about 4 million -- by deploying surveys monthly,” says Travis Meeks, vice president of marketing at AnalyticsIQ, a third-party marketing data provider.

Based on the feedback from the psychologists and the panel of consumers, the company’s product and engineering team builds solutions.

The most recent -- ChannelIQ, which the company plans to introduce Wednesday -- will give marketers the ability to optimize campaign performance by analyzing consumer behavior.

Those channels include social media, TV consumption, podcasts and more.

The solution also provides data on responsiveness by channel, activity level, amount of influence, and content preferences.

The cognitive psychologist, experts in the human cognitive process, have an understanding of established research and can use it as a foundation. They can craft the surveys in a way to get at the respondents’ true responses.

“We were trying to solve for sleep quality,” he said. “I would have asked the survey participants if they get quality sleep, which is a perception question.”

The psychologists ask the perception question, but also ask reality questions such as how many hours of sleep the survey participants get per night, whether they watch TV to fall asleep, and how their energy level is the next day.

Following the surveys, the psychologists compile the data. Answers based on the perception that matches the reality of the answers are used for input into the predictive models. It’s done on a 7-point Likert Scale.

Data science then projects it out and predicts it on the U.S. population, Meeks explains.

“It results in a more reliable and stable input into the predictive models,” he said.

The company now has more than 100 data points, but it is only halfway to where it wants to be. These hundred data points are specifically a part of ChannelIQ. It can take about six to eight months from when a survey runs to implementation. New versions of the company's data are released quarterly.  

Attention metrics are next on the product road map. The company will look at how much attention people give to their TV.

AnalyticsIQ adds between 25 and 50 data points to the consumer database quarterly. 

"Q3 is the next launch date for new data points and audiences," he said. "We will continue to evolve." 

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