Entertainment Bundles: Consumers Want More Than Just Video

Consumers -- especially young consumers -- want streaming “bundles” to be more than just TV-video programming, according to a new study from Hub Entertainment Research.

Current streaming data shows consumers with as many non-video entertainment apps and platforms -- at 6.6 -- as the focused on premium entertainment, sports, news video, at 6.3. Overall consumers are, on average, signing up for 13 streaming services overall.

The data for young consumers ages 18-34 shows more dramatic results. Over the average 16.7 platforms those consumers are subscribing to, 9.1 are social video, music, gaming, reading, audiobooks, podcasts, or news aggregator platforms.

Entertainment video services -- traditional and virtual pay TV platforms, premium subscription on-demand services, FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television), and/or premium cable.



When asked to build their “ideal” bundle, respondents list SVOD (subscription video on demand platforms), MVPD/VMVPD (multi-video programming and virtual video programming distributors), streaming music and gaming subscriptions, and non-entertainment items like mobile phone or home internet. 

When asked what brand would make them most likely sign up for a “bundle,” Netflix and Amazon were the top two -- coming in at 15% and 12%, respectively. Google and Walt Disney were at the other end of the spectrum, with a 4% score for each.

Still, when looking at overall communication and streaming packaging, 71% said the high-speed home internet is the most desired piece of the puzzle. Netflix, got a 65% score -- the second most desired piece of an entertainment bundle.

Hub Entertainment Research data was  conducted among 3,000 U.S. consumers ages 18-74, and collected in March 2024.

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