Daily Online Examiner Editions for November 2015
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Nov. 30, 2015
Sheriff Can't 'Throttle' Backpage By Threatening Credit Card Companies
Yelp Defeats Shareholder Lawsuit Over Phony Reviews
WhatsApp Blocks Links To Rival Chat App Telegram.me
Supreme Court Won't Hear Challenge To Law Prohibiting Online Advice By Veterinarians
Google Fiber Forecast To Become Your Next Internet Provider Under New Name
No 'Creepy' Targeting Allowed Says Snapchat's Spiegel
Privacy Seen As Roadblock for Internet of Things
Hello Barbie Spying Issue Raised Again
Emails Associated With Ashley Madison Accounts See Rise in Spam
Israel Takes Fight To Social Media
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015
Advocates Ask FCC To Prohibit Text-Message Blocking
Google Grants 42% Of 'Right To Be Forgotten' Requests
Facebook Presses Judge To Dismiss 'Faceprint' Lawsuit
Was Google Rigging Search Results?
FAA Wants To Track Drone "Pilots"
Acxiom Thinks The Furor Over Ad Blocking And IOS 9 Is Overblown
New Tech Tracks Ads Cross Device, Raises Privacy Concerns
Instant Articles: Trojan Horse For Publishers
YouTube Kids App Under Fire For Food And Bev Content
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015
FCC Hires Online Tracking Expert Jonathan Mayer
Watchdogs Ask FTC To Investigate Junk Food Ads On YouTube
TVEyes And DirecTV Settle Battle Over Clips
Search Warrants Force Tech Companies To Turn Over Search, Mobile, Social Data
Traffic Quality Crackdown Kicks Off Record Price Rise
FAA Wants To Track Drone "Pilots"
Maryland Transportation Authority Warns E-ZPass Users to Ignore Spam
Google Shares Location, Search Data Store Traffic Patterns For The First Time
Axel Springer Goes To Court Over Ad Blocking
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Nov. 23, 2015
Montana Newspaper To Unmask All Commenters
Reddit To Honor Do-Not-Track Headers
TVEyes Asks To Lift Restrictions On Social Media Sharing
Dell Ships Some Computers With Security Glitches
Content Owners Send Google 2 Million Takedown Notices Daily
Viacom Urges Social Change Via Video
Nearly Half Of Children Unaware Of Vlogger Paid Endorsements
How Affiliate Marketing Sidesteps Ad Blocking
During Social Media Blackout, Belgians Turn To... Just Guess
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Nov. 20, 2015
FCC Chair Takes Wait-And-See Approach To BingeOn
AT&T Takes Battle Over Throttling To Appeals Court
Yahoo Mail Restricts Ad-Blocking Users
YouTube To Help Video Creators Defend Clips
Privacy Issues Seen Around Online Behavioral Advertising
Government Should Not Heavily Regulate IoT, Says Report
NY Times Readers Not Happy With "Verified" Comments
Millennials, Hispanics Should Push Digital Political Spending
Comcast 's New Stream Just Another Cord-Cutting Mirage
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015
Comcast Tests Open Internet Principles With New Streaming Video Service
Bill Outlawing Online 'Gag' Clauses Advances In Senate
Teens Take Mobile Breaks, Delete Social Apps
Phone Manufacturers Settle Privacy Battle Over Carrier IQ
How Targeting Life Events Allows Brands to Better Understand Audiences
SilverPush Deploys Sound-Based Tracking Technology In India
Facebook Gives Users Tools To Deal With Past Relationships
Defense Attorneys Want Client Privilege Applied to Email
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2015
NY Attorney General Broadens Online Gambling Probe, Subpoenas Yahoo
Android User Wants New Hearing In Privacy Battle With Cartoon Network
Gigabit Service Coming To Lincoln, Nebraska
Federal Health Privacy Law Doesn't Apply To Wearables, Online Storage Services
Instagram Won't Allow Third-Party Apps To Pull In Feeds
Boing Boing Co-Founder Goes on Email Unsubscribe Mission
First Citizens Bank Customers Targeted in Spam Attack
Poor Video Playback Huge Turn-Off
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015
NY Attorney General Draws First Blood Against FanDuel
Facebook Allowed To Block Sikh Rights Group, Judge Rules
Vizio Hit With Privacy Lawsuit Over Connected TVs
High-Tech Barbie Chats with Children, Recalls Past Conversations
Google Leads in Self-Driving Cars, Says Report
The Pentagon is Now Disabling Links in Outside Emails
Google To Support Programmatic Native Advertising
Gmail Bug Allows App Users to Easily Spoof Another Person's Email Address
Angie's List Board Rejects IAC/InterActiveCorp's Bid
Are Walled Gardens Harming Opportunities For Brands?
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Nov. 16, 2015
Digital Advertising Alliance Extends Privacy Rules To Cross-Device Tracking
Appeals Court Prohibits Illinois Sheriff From Trying To Defund Backpage
Google Must Face Safari-Hack Lawsuit, Appeals Court Says
Marketers Using 'Increasingly Granular' Tools To Reach Journalists On Social Media
Ouch! Edward Snowden Says Using Ad Blockers 'Not Just A Right, But A Duty'
Anti-Bot Tech Leads To Better Engagement, Says Study
Microsoft Recognizes Behavior In Images
When Should Publishers Offer Free Access During Emergencies?
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Nov. 13, 2015
Judges Skeptical Of Illinois Sheriff's Campaign Against Backpage
Facebook Users Battle Company Over 'Faceprints'
T-Mobile Rivals Say Unlimited Video Will Cause Congestion
Streaming Service FilmOn Not Entitled To Cable License, D.C. Judge Says
Spredfast Promotions To Help Marketers Collect Data
BuzzFeed Chief Exec Says Publishers Are To Blame For Ad Block Surge
Gmail Will Soon Tell You If An Incoming Email is Not Encrypted
The Atlantic Explores The Evils of Email
The Ad Blocking Kingpin Reshaping the Web As He Prefers It
Racial Divide On Social Media's Political Impact, Minorities More Optimistic
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