Email Marketing Daily Editions for May 2022
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 31, 2022
Rousing Retail: Brands Face Acquisition Hurdles, Fewer Are Happy With Results
Colleges To Invest In Websites, Social And Email In Next Few Years: Study Finds
Email Tops Shopping Persuasion Channels: Study
Advertising Will Drive $9.6 Trillion In Sales Activity By 2026
Nintendo Apologizes For 'Mario Kart Strikers' Mistake In Email Subject Line
Google Rejects Claim Gmail Filters Are Biased After Research Emerges Sees Surge In Traffic, Albeit For A Fundraising Site
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, May 27, 2022
Privacy Landmine: Pre-Trained Language Models Can Leak Email Addresses
Swiss Email Privacy Firm ProtonMail Rebrands As Proton
Boulevard Offers Email Suite For Self-Care Professionals
Google And Apple Urged To Ban Apps That Could Provide Evidence Against Abortion Seekers
Google Leads In Negative Media Perception Around AI, Ethics
Publications Should Focus On Frequent, Loyal Readers: Study
Marketers Can't Be Silent In The Face Of Violence
Getting The Best Images In Restaurant Emails
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 26, 2022
Martech Morass: Marketers Say They're Confused By The Tech Landscape
Study Authors Deny GOP Claims Of Gmail Bias Against Conservatives
DuckDuckGo Explains Microsoft Tracking On Browser
Gartner: Artificial Intelligence More Important Than Metaverse To Most CEOs
Ad Performance Overrides Branding In 'Shoppable Media'
Email Marketing Advice For Small Businesses
Lob Offers Tool To Automate Direct Mail
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 25, 2022
B2B Bickering: Sales And Marketing Disagree On Many Points
Stripe Launches App Marketplace, Partners With Mailchimp On Targeting
Campaigns With Email Do Better Than Those Without, Study Finds
Ohio AG Can Proceed With Claim That Google Search Is A 'Common Carrier'
OAAA Releases Digital Moving Out-of-Home Measurement
Protecting Email Marketing From Cyber Attacks
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 24, 2022
Attention Deficit: Consumers Say They're Not Getting Personalized Emails
Many Consumers Will Shop Elsewhere If Preferred Electronics Products Are Out Of Stock, Study Finds
Entrust And Red Sift In New Move To Help Brands Adopt BIMI Email Standard
Google Urged To Shed Data That Could Identify Women Seeking Abortions
Marketers Begin To Tackle Very Complex Message -- Youth And Gender Identity
How Obsessed Is Your State With Social Media?
Marketing Emails Fail For These Seven Reasons
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, May 23, 2022
GDPR Milepost: Acxiom CEO Chad Engelgau On The EU's Tough Privacy Law At Four
Most Consumers Say: We Can't Live Without Small Businesses
Feds Nail Money Launderer In Business Email Compromise Scam
Gartner: Marketing Budgets Increase To 9.5% Of Overall Company Revenue
Researcher Warns That Facebook Accounts Can Be Hijacked When Gmail Code Is Used
The Problem With Traditional Consumer Segmentation And How To Fix It
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, May 20, 2022
B2B Bummer: Product Marketing Teams Are Overworked And Understaffed
Rules To Text By: Best SMS Practices For Email Marketers
ClickReady Streamlines Email Address
Fake Reviews Surged In 2021
Pssst - Brands Are Quietly Eying Creative Agencies, Global Business Services
Top Media Co. CEOs At Upfront: Getting In Front Of Possible Recessionary Pinch
Google Adds Alt-Text Support For Gmail
Proton Founder Says 'Break Up Big Tech'
Amazon Warns Of Scams, Takes Measures
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 19, 2022
An Appetite For Apps: Many Shoppers Prefer Them Over Websites
Republicans Confront Google Execs Over Alleged Email Bias
CTemplar, Encrypted Email Service, Set To Close
Ohio Consumers Have Problems Migrating Their Email From Breezeline To WOW
Mimecast And Permira Close $5.8B Purchase Deal
Clevertap To Acquire Leanplum
Study: Gaps In Apple's Rules Enable Privacy-Hobbling Workarounds
3 Wordsmithing Steps That Can Make Your Graphics More Effective
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Dumping On CDPs: Many Owners Say Their Platform Underperforms
GrubHub App And Website Crash After 'Free Lunch' Promo
Four Ways To Improve Your Email Performance
INKY Teams Up With GoDaddy To Offer New Email Security Tools
B2B SalesTech Platform Vivun Raises $75 Million In New Funding
Email Is The Leading Tool In Identity Management: Study
Obit: Long-Time Agency Media Exec And Expert On Black Consumer Touchpoints Linda Jefferson, Dead At 69
No Cookies? It's Getting Real Right About Now
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 17, 2022
The Test Of Time: Is Personalization Really Replacing The Old A/B Tool?
Consumers Are Frustrated With Tools For Managing Loyalty Programs, Study Finds
Small Business Emailers Have Adjusted To Pandemic, Study Says
10 Brilliant Email Campaigns-And What Makes Them Unique
DuckDuckGo Launches National Ad Campaign For TV, Radio - Watching You
My Code Partners With 'Mochi,' Pub For Asian-American Women
Google Lets No-Cost G Suite Users Stay On
Data And AI: How To Decode The 'Why' Behind Your Customers' Behaviors
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