Marketing D2C Weekly Editions for February 2022
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Feb. 28, 2022
Fair Harbor Launches Its First Ad Campaign, Touting Chafe-Free Swim Trunks
2021 Private-label Sales Gains Lag Behind Previous Years'
Coursera Touts Aiming For 'Our Giant Goals'
Are T-Shirts CPGs?: Goodlife Flips the Clicks-to-Bricks Script
Content Cravings: What Drives Consumers To Subscribe To Emails, Websites
Email Whiplash: Consumers Are Stressed By The Sheer Volume Of Messages
Ecommerce Habitues: Women Are Taking Less Time From First Visit To Purchase
Phishing Grounds: Ransomware, Malware And BEC Attacks Boomed Last Year
Wayfair Whiffs Q4 Earnings
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Feb. 21, 2022
How Boll & Branch Burnishes Its Fair-Trade Purpose
Shoppers Will Unsubscribe From A Brand If They Are Incorrectly Targeted, Study Finds
Me And My Email: Channel Is Most Popular Worldwide For Branded Messages
Cart Abandonments Fall Slightly Worldwide, But Remain High, Study Finds
The Grand Illusion: Brands Think They're Doing Well On CX, Consumers Disagree
Legal Laggards: Case Between Email On Acid And 250ok Seems Stuck In Place
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Feb. 14, 2022
Research: What's Behind Declining Interest In D2C?
Shapermint Combats Social-Media Toxicity With Raw Photos
GrandPad Tablet Service Celebrates Elderly Love Stories
Lumin 'Mansplains' Why Men Should Care More About Skincare
Lululemon: One Hour Of Social Media Is All We Can Take
Dogs In Cyberspace?: Get Joy Wants To Keep It Real...Virtually
Brand Love: Consumers Want Understanding, Not Discounts, From Retailers
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Feb. 7, 2022
Peloton Spins On The Amazon Rumor-Cycle
Amazon Hikes Prime Fees, Wins Big With Ad Services
Chewy Knows You Know What Your Pet Is Thinking
Infomercial Inventor Evolves Format To BRTV
Priceline Enlists Actress Kaley Cuoco For Brand Campaign
Pandemic Fog: Consumers Feel Less Secure, Not Understood By Brands
Gen Z Bets: Group Demands Transparency, But Not So Worried About Privacy
Cremation Companies Offer D2C Options