You Don't Know Jack - Or Jane
    Jack and Jane live seven miles from Washington, D.C., in suburban Northern Virginia. The neighborhood in which they live has been a source of "swing" votes for years and is highly prized by both major political parties. Latest forecasts have shown that in order for either party to win locally and statewide, voters like Jack and Jane need to turn out and vote for their candidates.
    Data Finds Active Voters, At The Ballot Box And Cash Register
    When Barack Obama won reelection in the fall of 2012, the marketing world took notice of the tactics the campaign used to reach voters, especially on TV. Two years later, political advertisers are lining up to use the same tactics in the mid-term elections. Meanwhile, traditional brand advertisers are still looking to develop similar solutions that leverage their data to find the best consumer audience.
    Social Local - Global Target
    For the politically minded marketer, the social media sphere is likely the best prognosticator of political flavors available. Preferences, likes, clubs, affinities and alliances can all be easily found in public profile searches. But for the street-team of pol marketers, it's even more definitive as you get to local clubs and local races to "targeting your target."
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