Planting The Digital Seeds For The 2016 Presidential Campaign
    With Jeb Bush announcing his intention to run for President of the United States and Hillary Clinton all but confirming she's pursuing the position herself, we've now found ourselves with two likely candidates for the 2016 races. There's still certainly a long way to go before the Democratic and Republican parties name their presidential nominees, but with the attention Bush and Clinton are already receiving, there's no question that they'll play a big part in the excitement around campaign season.
    Message Discipline And Social Media
    In the last few weeks, Hillary Rodham Clinton chided (okay, trolled) Rand Paul and Chris Christie for hedging on the value of vaccinations while testing a #grandmothersknowbest persona. Jeb Bush's chief technology officer resigned after failing to delete some crude tweets before they circulated. The owner of the New York Knicks, James Dolan, flamed back at a fan in an email exchange. And a cautionary tale in the New York Times Magazine traced the woes of non-famous people not engaged in zero-sum persona battles who nevertheless lost their jobs and emotional balance because of ill-thought tweets.
    The Inside Game
    On one side of the political aisle the storm clouds are finally starting to clear. On the other side the backslapping and celebratory events are complete. The skirmishes ahead of the 2016 primaries - and the declarations of war that will follow - will be calling political marketers back once again to up their digital game.
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