How Pokemon Can Win The Election For Hillary #PokemonGoVote
    The breakout success of Pokemon GO has been lauded in comparison to top social-networking apps (surpassing Tinder, chasing Twitter) and historical data (exceeding Candy Crush's rumored peak audience of 20 million). The game's real-world implications can have the power to influence who wakes up in the White House in January.
    Timeline, Insight & Technology Trends Drive Presidential Monetization Strategies
    While publishers like 'Buzzfeed' have already refused a reported $1.3 million in campaign ad money from the RNC's presumptive candidate, Donald Trump has been busy blacklisting and revoking press credentials from coast to coast, including Univision, the nation's largest Spanish-speaking news organization, and legacy publisher 'The Washington Post,' among numerous others.
    The Trump Myth: TV Political Advertising Is Unnecessary
    For months, we've endured headlines and comments questioning the relevance of TV political advertising as presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has accumulated an estimated free (or "earned") media tally of north of $3.8 billion by appearing ubiquitously - often with a phone call - on TV news programs. The candidate himself has been a leading skeptic, asking supporters at a rally, "Do ads work anymore?"
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