• Branded: Five Easy Pieces for 2007
    It's the end of another eventful year - time once again for us to consult our enlightened Magic 8-Ball and prognosticate on the state of our business in 2007. But first, if you'll indulge us, a few words on 2006. We hardly knew you, Zed Six. That's right, you went zipping past so fast it's difficult to see you clearly in the rearview. Of course, hindsight mirrors distort images, making objects look larger than they really are, or were. Just how big are YouTube and Google and iPod programming and wireless - that is, for us in Answer from the …
  • The Department: Embracing Fuzziness
    I can still remember when I came to the realization that media planning had changed forever. It was the late 1990s, and I had been worrying about where the field was going. With all the changes happening, it was becoming increasingly obvious that the conventional rules were becoming less applicable and effective, and I was contemplating where that would leave us.
  • Machinima's Coen Brothers?
    World of Warcraft's 7 million registered users provide a responsive audience for creators of machinima - short films created using the graphics from video games - and Dementia-Myndflame Studios is one of the up-and-coming machinima producers that has just begun entering the world of ad-supported video.
  • The Eyes Have It
    Millions of people watch TV, surf the Web, and notice outdoor billboards, but what their eyes are actually looking at might surprise you.
  • Track-Breaking
    It's no secret that hit TV shows can break bands or raise already popular bands to cult status. The O.C." on Fox is one of the most aggressive examples of the trend, having featured music by indie bands Death Cab for Cutie, the Killers, the Shins, the Thrills, Modest Mouse, and the Walkmen.
  • Conveying a Message
    In their quest to colonize all available space at the local grocery store, advertisers have plastered ads on the carts, on the shelves, on the floor, even directly on the eggs.
  • Cooks in the Kitchen
    Media Kitchen takes face time with creative partners to a new level with Kitchen Inside, an outsourcing program that places media agency experts within the offices of creative partners.
  • Flush with Potential
    Who knew the portable restroom could be clean, attractive, even lucrative?
  • A Model Merger
    The merger between draft and FBC is the first marriage between a large-scale direct and a traditional agency, but it won't be the last.
  • Calling All Consumers
    Did you know that women couldn't stand while riding San Francisco's cable cars until the 1960s?
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