MediaDailyNews Editions for November 2023
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, Nov. 30, 2023
Musk Says Advertisers Trying To 'Blackmail' Him, Tells Them To 'Go F-Yourself'
True Or False: Things Elon Musk Said This Week
Google Appoints Srinivasan To Run Ad Business
Q3 National TV, Video Ads Sink 3.2%: Madison And Wall
TikTok Encourages Creators To Make Longer Videos, With Focus On Ad Revenue
AI-Powered Analytics Changing The Game For The NFL, In Real-Time
TV Topics No One Talks About Anymore
Bundling Boom: Peacock Partners With Instacart, Paramount+ With AARP
Mini USA Takes Over Las Vegas Sphere
Minority Of Brands To Drive Growth In Sponsorship Spending
If Bill Gates Had Invented AI
Google Antes Up: Will Pay Canadian Publishers $100M Per Year
AAF Selects 6 Ad Icons For Hall Of Fame, Including Goodby, Francois
Self-Serve Programmatic Platform Adds YouTube, YouTube TV
Survey Finds High Intent To Start Using Or Spend More On Addressable TV
Apple To End Its Credit-Card Partnership With Goldman Sachs
NASCAR Strikes New TV Deals With Amazon, TNT, Renews Existing Deals
U.S. Pay-TV Subs Outnumbered By Streaming Services For The 1st Time
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023
Brian Wieser Boosts Ad Outlooks Nearly A Percentage Point
Google Search Ads Found Showing In Porn, Other Questionable Places
Heinz Teases 'Tattoo Label' That Doubles As Stencil For Tattoo Artists
Invalid Traffic Forecast To Cost Advertisers $72.4B Next Year
Instagram Places Ads Alongside Child-Sexualizing Reels Targeting Teen Influencer Followers: Report
Fragile But Resilient
Judge Sides With FTC In Fight With Meta Over Teens' Data
What's The Second Largest Part Of Client Budgets, Yet Unmanaged And Unmeasured?
Google Bard Analyzes Visuals, Text To Summarize YouTube Content
Big 6 Streamers Projected To Add 195M Subs By 2029
The Washington Post Is Halting Its Advertising On X
Amazon Q Debuts AI-Digital Assistant For Business
A Data Frenzy At Microsoft Advertising
YouTube Invests In Gaming, Launches Mini-Games For Paid Subscribers
Shopify Prevails In Privacy Lawsuit
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2023
Ad Market Expands For Fourth Consecutive Month, October Climbs 3.2%
Kinesso Named Media Agency Of The Year For 2023
What The Dickens? Hulu Has New Take On The Artful Dodger
Box Office, TV Ad Spend Rises, But Not To Pre-Pandemic Levels
Polestar Launches Truth Bot To Debunk Climate Change Myths
Simulmedia To OpenX: Cease And Desist TV+
Go Addressable Adds Paramount, Becomes Official Trade Org
ByteDance To Restructure Its Gaming Brand, Plans Mass Layoffs
Meta 'Frequently' Collected Data From Known Children, States Allege
California Privacy Regulator Floats New Restrictions On Ad Profiling
Ad Spend Wasted On Invalid Traffic Could Reach $72B In 2024
Microsoft Expands Its Retail Media Network
Mayor Of Paris Anne Hidalgo Quits X, Calls Platform A Democracy Killer
GSD&M Names Newman As President
Gardner Named MediaSense COO
MediaDailyNews - Monday, Nov. 27, 2023
Omnicom Dominates Net New Media Biz, Year-To-Date
Dentsu Taps Kinnibugh As Global Chief Strategy/Consultancy Officer, Media
Google Confirms January Cookie Deprecation
Snapchat Rolling Out Ad-Free Subscription Tier
Cyber Monday Expected To Generate $12B In Shopping Revenue
Honda's Dreams Take Flight In Outdoor AR Activation
Paramount Global For Sale? For Most, This Always Means CBS
X Corp. Defeats Claim That Ad-Targeting Slip-Up Violated Washington State Law
ACLU, Others Blast X Corp's Lawsuit Against Anti-Hate Speech Watchdog
MediaDailyNews - Friday, Nov. 24, 2023
Streamer Reach Weakens Due To Seasonality, Hollywood Strikes
Amazon Fights Bid To Revive Claims Over Alexa Ad Targeting
TV's Perennial Christmas Classics Are Ready For Their Close-ups
United Airlines Reportedly Mulls Behavioral Targeting Play
Temptations' Branded Minecraft Content Kicks Off 'Purrrr-fect' Partnership
Nearly 300 Brands Have Slashed Advertising On X/Twitter
NFL Continues To Advertise On X Despite Pressure From Broadcast Networks
Correction: Truth Social Losses Actually $31.6M, Not $73M
Paris Hilton Suspends Ad Campaign On X
Eking Out A Win: Human Writers Beat AI In IBM Phishing Test
New Hampshire Publisher Goes On Trial For Failing To Label Political Ads
SabioTV Redefines Diversity
MediaDailyNews - Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2023
OpenX Rebrand Gives New Meaning To 'TV+,' Simulmedia Says It Violates Trademark
Sam Altman Returns To OpenAI
The Three Laws Of AI Developers
Musk, Anti-Semitism And Wearing A Muzzle
Paris Hilton Suspends Ad Campaign On X
Three Shows To Look For Coming Soon
Racism Against Native Americans May Be Embedded in Your Business
Giving Thanks
Nearly 300 Brands Have Slashed Advertising On X/Twitter
Hispanics Lean Into New Video Experiences, Including AR/VR, Second Screen, Shoppable TV
Las Vegas Super Bowl Host City Promotes 'Excessive Celebration' In Campaign
Recent Ruling Against Meta Threatens Ad Targeting, Tech Industry Warns
Sustainable Ad Practices: Good For The Planet, And The Bottom Line
Google Allegedly Allowed Spotify To Bypass Play Store Fees
Global Streaming Revenue Estimated To Rise 14% For 2023, Slower Growth Ahead
FCC Proposes Ban On Pay-TV Early Termination Fees
Spotify To Revamp Revenue Model To Pay Artists An Additional $1B
Streaming Bundling Sounds Good - But Who Really Benefits?
Zucker's Back: Former CNN Head Is In On Possible Telegraph Deal
Eagles-Chiefs 'MNF' Rematch Earns 29M Viewers
Hateful Content - All Costs: Is There A CPM?
MediaDailyNews - Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2023
Mediahub Wins OURA Global Media Account
Wavemaker Taps iProspect's Worsley As Global Performance Lead
The Polycrisis Grinds On
Musk's X Sues Media Matters, Alleges It Manipulated Algorithms
Wieser: Streaming Price Hikes May Be Working Against Pay TV
Havas Media Buys Time From Impact Network For Resale To Clients
Watch Your Language: 'Executive-Produced' Is Not A Word
Discord, Snap, X CEOs Subpoenaed By Senate For Failure To Protect Children Online
Publishers Forecast To Lose $54B In Revenue From Ad-Blocking
Global Pay-TV Penetration Projected To Fall For 1st Time In 2024
Univision Shifting To A Trump Presidential Viewing Game: Will Advertisers Follow?
Roku, Unity Help Mobile Apps Acquire Users Via CTV
In Sam Altman Advertisers Trust
AI, Creativity And The Last Beatles Song
Meta, Louboutin File Joint Lawsuit Against Counterfeit Seller
Appeals Court Won't Intervene In Suit Against Google Over Alleged Overcharges
FTC Presses To Proceed With 'Dark Patterns' Charges Against Amazon
Sports Boost October Broadcast Viewing Share, Netflix Has 8 Of 10 Top Shows
Hey There: Attention Metrics Stifled By Lack Of Resources
MediaDailyNews - Monday, Nov. 20, 2023
Amazon Bakes Interactive Ads Into First Black Friday Football Game
Microsoft Hires Altman To Run AI, OpenAI Taps Ex-Twitch CEO
Compass Presses Case Against Flywheel Digital
Disney, Apple, Lionsgate Pull Ads From X After Elon Musk's Remarks
Anti-Hate Speech Group Blasts Claims It Scared Off X Corp's Advertisers
New, Fifth Incarnation Of 'Fargo' Packs Powerful Punch
Flurry Of Brands Launch Interactive Holiday AR Lenses On Snapchat
Living In A War Zone
Judge Refuses To Scrap X Corp. Deal With FTC Over Ad-Targeting Snafu
Digital Revenue Profitability Confusing For Local Media Companies
Apple, ByteDance, Meta Contest EU Gatekeeper Status
Lucid Top Marketer Reveals Agency Search
Wisely, Agreeably And Well: The Future Of Work From 100 Years Ago
WhatsApp Announces Exclusive Partnership With Mercedes-Benz's Formula 1 Team
New 'Hunger Games' Domestic Film $44M Opening: Still Hungry
'Saveur' Magazine Returns To Print
Samsung Touts FAST Viewership Growth, Product Update
MediaDailyNews - Friday, Nov. 17, 2023
Dow Jones Taps Mediahub To Work With New In-House Media Unit
Departing GroupM Chief McDonald Joins Ziff Davis Board
And That's The Way It Wasn't: Why Social Media Is No Place To Get Your News
'Hey Alexa, Buy Me A Hyundai'
Mars Taps Spieth's Cromie To Head Toronto
TV's Cagey Game Shows Climb Walls, Hit Floors
Oversaturation Poses Danger For 2024 Political Advertisers
Mindshare, Snapchat Study 'Need States' Of Social Media Users
Google CEO Pichai Wanted Apple To Have An Alternative Search Engine
Netflix: Seeking A New Live Sports Pitch?
Google AI Delivers What's On Your Mind
Ban On Targeting Would Boost Newspapers, Promote Kids Safety, Advocacy Group Says
What Is Premium Video?
Philly Inquirer Must Face Privacy Suit Over Facebook Pixel
MediaDailyNews - Thursday, Nov. 16, 2023
Half A Billion Reasons Dobbs Is Pro-Ad Life Too
OMG's Hearts & Science Names Siddall Chief Media Officer
'Young Sheldon' To Bow Out In May After Seven Seasons
Microsoft To Make Its Own AI Chips, Rebrands Bing Chat
Former PHD Chief Sullivan Joins Advisory Board Of Ad-Tech Firm Equativ
House Probe: Did Apple TV+ Cancel Stewart Show Over China Concerns?
FreeWheel Council, VAB Push Checklist For Buying 'Premium' Video
Watchdog To FTC: X Corp. Dupes Users/Advertisers, Fails To Label Ads
Yandex Search Engine Assets For Sale
New CTV Targeting Solution Uses AI-Driven, No-ID Tech
YouTube TV Drives vMVPDs To 20% Share Of Pay-TV Subscribers
Google Tests Community-Sourced Notes In Search
Wellness Market Reaches Record $5.6 Trillion
Nike Shakes Up C-Suite With New CMO
Gawker Acquired By Caldecott Owner: Reports
Linear TV Maintains Strong Sports, News Viewing Share
Report: Zoomers Are Driving The 'Era Of Mass-Niche'
Facebook Newsbreak: Social Channel Is First In News Consumption
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