MediaPost Weekend Editions for July 2024
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, July 13, 2024
Stage Is Set For GOP Convention In Milwaukee Next Week
In GARM's Way: Judiciary Committee Says It Violated U.S. Antitrust Laws
Google's Antitrust Trial Witness List Filled With Top Ad Execs
Publicis Wins Hershey's $300 Million U.S. Media Business
Omnicom 'ArtBot' Will Do For Creative What AI Has Been Doing For Media, So Far
Angi Co-Founder Returns To Spotlight In Ad Campaign
With Pop-Ups And Pinterest, Primal Kitchen Celebrates Summer
Why Google Just Made The Most Detailed Map Of The Human Brain
TikTok Limits Teen Ad-Targeting Methods
Paramount Global, Skydance To Merge In $8B Deal
FTC Milestone: Bans Anonymous Messaging App From Serving Minors
Dentsu Invests In US Data Security Firm Skyflow
The Bear Gets Locked In
LinkedIn Expands Access To 'Accelerate' AI Campaign Builder
Meta To Allow Children To Chat In Virtual Reality
AI Is Flooding The Zone With BS
Amazon Ads Offering Expands To Non-Marketplace Sellers
NBA TV/Streaming Deals Valued At $76B, TNT Taking A Shot?
Mille Bornes: GroupM Campaign Could Get You To Iowa, Maybe Romania
Clean Creatives Exposes More B Corp Agency Fossil Fuel Work
Appellate Court Rejects Federal Suit Against Omnicom's Flywheel
MediaPost Weekend - Saturday, July 6, 2024
Political Ad Spending Estimated To Climb To $10.7B: Analyst
All The News Fit To Oust A President
Prediction Science Does Not Support Biden Dropping Out
Pre-Debate Hype Storm Far Outpaced Show's Viewership
X Rejoins GARM To Win Back Advertisers
This Land Is Your Brand: Brewer Licenses Iconic Woody Guthrie Song
Plastics, Trashy Queens -- And Our Future
Tractor Supply Faces Pushback, Calls For CEO Resignation
Threads Reaches 175M Active Users, Outlines Future Goals
Meta Defeats Claim It Wrongly Collects Data About Drivers
How Macy's Is Expanding Personalization
Report: Walmart's Growing Ad Strength Shakes Up Its Business Model
Coalition Of States Sides Against Shopify In Privacy Battle
This Year's Model: Multi-Retailer Attribution
Upfront TV Ad Prognosis? Slow-Moving, On A Questionable Front
Vast Majority Of Planners Still Rely On Spreadsheets
OMD Retains US Billings Crown For 2023
Apropos Of Nothing: Article I, Section 9, Clause 8