Real-Time Daily Editions for June 2015
Real-Time Daily - Tuesday, June 30, 2015
AOL Gets A Programmatic Power Play In Microsoft Deal
AOL To Take Over Most Of Microsoft's Ad Sales, Replace Google With Bing In Search Results
Programmatic Mobile Targets Lawn Nerd Behaviors For Scotts
45% Of Display Ads Bought Via Programmatic In UK
Media Agency Reviews-Ad Tech Buyer Beware
Facebook Changes Video Views In News Feeds
Observers See Win-Win In AOL and Microsoft Display Ad Biz, Bing Agreement
RadiumOne; Tina Risker
Viewability Shines A Light On The Publisher Discrepancy Tax
Real-Time Daily - Monday, June 29, 2015
Robbing From Display To Pay Search?
45% Of Display Ads Bought Via Programmatic In UK
TV Programmatic: The Best Of All Possible Worlds?
Mediaocean Sells Big Chunk To Private Equity, Puts $720 Million Value On Media-Buying Processor
Storytelling: The Main Attraction At Cannes Lions
Kantar Begins Reporting Search, Shows It Is Fastest-Growing Medium It Tracks: Overall Media Declines 4%
Searching For Meaning: Kantar's Swallen Explains Paid's Rapid Growth
Google Automatically Blocks Ad Clicks To Save Brands Money
After Addressing Initial Video Viewability, These are the Metrics That Matter
Three Ways To Make Retargeting Really Work for Retailers
Live Nation Used Facebook's Atlas to Target, Measure Concertgoers
Real-Time Daily - Friday, June 26, 2015
Wilson Joins WideOrbit As CMO
New Model Estimates Ad Waste For Programmatic Buyers
YP Makes Historic Move To Separate Digital From Print
Centro Plugs Into Exchanges, Data Platforms To Expand Programmatic Video Offering
The Medium Is The Bottle, A Green One: Why Heineken Dares To Be Different
Digital Engagement Index
Audience Data 2.0
Data and Creativity: The New Cosy Bedfellows
Real-Time Daily - Thursday, June 25, 2015
To Combat Fraud, Pixalate Brings In The Hardware
Google's Real-Time Research: The Wait Is Over
Centro Plugs Into Exchanges, Data Platforms To Expand Programmatic Video Offering
Ad Fraud - The Billion-Dollar Global Crime Nobody Appears Willing To Solve
YuMe Rolls Out Programmatic Video Marketplace
Local Market Insights Hold Valuable Keys To Develop Better Ad Spend Return
Multiple Media Reviews -- New Relationships, Or The Start Of Celibacy?
Nielsen Rolls Out Analytics, ROI Packages For Mid-Markets
Data and Creativity: The New Cosy Bedfellows
Real-Time Daily - Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Turn Hit With New 'Supercookie' Lawsuit
Use Bitcoins To Block Ads? An Entrepreneur Thinks So
The New Creatives Are Data Geeks Too
PubMatic Partners With Integral To Roll Out 'Brand Safety' Tech
Samsung Accused Of Disabling Windows Update
Marketing Automation Software: Little Used But Oft Requested
Instagram Revamps Search, Looks To Become Real-Time News Site
Google Now Search Bar Makes Suggestions
Facebook's Experimental Algorithm Identifies Half-Hidden Faces
YP Makes Historic Move To Separate Digital From Print
'Bon Appetit,' IBM Unveil Chef Watson
Ford Tests New Mobility Programs
Real-Time Daily - Tuesday, June 23, 2015
With A Fresh $21M, Jelli Is Set To Expand Programmatic Radio
PubMatic Partners With Integral To Roll Out 'Brand Safety' Tech
AOL Now 'Powered By Verizon,' Absorbs Digital Media Services Stack
Brands Shouting, But Consumers Aren't Listening
How Tech Drives Email Marketing Strategy (And Vice-Versa)
Extinction Event: Why There May Be Far Fewer Brands At Cannes 2025
Real-Time Daily - Monday, June 22, 2015
Mobile Programmatic Buying Is Taking Off
That Roar You Hear From Cannes Is The Sound Of Technology Talking
Siotis Joins SpotXchange As UK Managing Director
Programmatic TV: Groping For Translatable Measurements
Four In Ten UK Internet Users Are Blocking Ads
Customers Don't Care About Your Data; They Care About How You Make Them Feel
With Ad-Blocking Rife, Native Can't Afford More Mistakes
Forecasters Reduce 2015 Outlook: Digital -- Especially Mobile -- Continues To Gain Share
Kleenex Launches Real-Time 'Care' Campaign
Google Builds AI Image Network That Could Benefit Search, Creative Ad Agencies
Ad-Blocking Concerns Over TV, Digital Media May Be Overrated
Real-Time Daily - Friday, June 19, 2015
For Many Programmatic Buyers, Collecting Data Remains A Manual Task
Conversion Logic Exits Beta To Bring A New Independent Attribution Firm To Ad Tech
Google Trend Data Trending In Real-Time - Really
Yahoo's BrightRoll Plugs Into Equinix's Hong Kong Data Center
How To Incorporate Financial Data For Better Ad Targeting
Tapad Adds Linear TV To Measurement Platform
If Media Costs Are Down, How Come Agency Fees Are Up?
Sourcepoint Industry Vets Change The Future Of Ad Monetization For Publishers
Krux Adds Former Kellogg's Exec Suarez-Davis To Team
Google Rolls Out YouTube Newswire, Curates Real-Time Eyewitness Clips
Real-Time Daily - Thursday, June 18, 2015
Instead Of Blacklisting Bots, Are You A Human Whitelists Humans
Salesforce Steps Into Ad Tech Via 5 Partnerships
The Trade Desk Co-Founders Named 'Entrepreneurs Of The Year' By E&Y
Google's In-The-Moment Advertising Model Expands On Real-Time Attribution, Programmatic
ESPN, Weather Shake Up Big Data Roles
Q1 Group Buys Majority Stake In Ad Tech Firm MediaQuark
Predictive Marketing Firm MentAd Raises $4.7M
ANA Issues RFP For 'Transparency' Study: Will Examine All Media Practices, Including Rebates
WPP's Latest Shopping Spree: Agencies, Measurement Firm
AdBlock Plus Launches Company-Wide Blocking Technology
Report: Audience Measurement Companies To Grow Revenue 25%
5 Steps Programmatic Must Take To Fully Deliver Its Promise To Brands
Real-Time Daily - Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Programmatic Powering Digital's Surge
AdRoll Extends Beyond Retargeting, Offers Marketers Prospecting Tech
Running In Circles with Your Marketing? You Should Be
Pandora's Programmatic Offering Expands To Mobile Display
What Marketers Really Think About Using Search Data To Acquire, Retain Customers
U.S. Ad Volume Expands In May, Digital Exodus Continues
Correction To 'Ad Tech Industry Continues Rapid Evolution'
Confidence In Online Ads Rises, Agencies Focus More On Streaming Sites
Right Time, Right Place, Right Consumer Or Bust
Connexity Acquires PriceGrabber For Consumer Behavior Insights
Twitter Makes Auto-Play Official, Adds Viewability Promise
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